How much explosive is in MICLIC?

The line charge is 350 feet (107 meters) long and contains 5 pounds (2.27 kg) per linear foot of C-4 explosive.

What is a mine clearance vessel?

Mine Clearance Vessel or Minesweeper is a small naval warship designed to engage in mine-sweeping, the use of various mechanisms intended to counter the threat posed by naval mines. Minesweepers keep waterways clear for shipping.

What rule is a vessel engaged in mine clearance operation?

Applying the Rule(s) and comments: In accordance with Rule 27 (f) (Vessels not under command or restricted in their ability to manoeuvre), a vessel engaged in mine clearance operations shall in addition to the lights prescribed for a power-driven vessel in Rule 23 (Power-driven vessels underway ), exhibit three all- …

What is crater in welding?

A definition of a crater in welding is an inadequate amount of molten metal used to fill the cavity, leaving a thin section. The inadequate amount of molten metal gives a crater the appearance of a circular excavated hole. Stopping the welding process prematurely is the usual cause of a crater.

What is the minimum length of a vessels required to show two anchor lights?

When two masthead lights are prescribed for a power-driven vessel, the horizontal distance between them shall not be less than one half of the length of the vessel but need not be more than 100 meters. The forward light shall be placed not more than one quarter of the length of the vessel from the stem.

What light shall a vessel engaged in mine clearance operations shall exhibit in Rule 23?

What is the standoff distance of the MICLIC?

The MICLIC has a 62-meter standoff distance from the launcher to the detonation point. The MICLIC’s effectiveness is limited against prong AP mines, magnetically activated mines (including some SCATMINEs), top-attack mines, side-attack mines, and mines containing multiple-impulse or delay-time fuses.

What is a MICLIC charge?

A mine-clearing line charge (abbreviated MICLIC and pronounced /mɪk.lɪk/ or “mick-lick”) is used to create a breach in minefields under combat conditions. While there are many types, the basic design is for many explosive charges connected on a line to be projected onto the minefield.

What is the task for an in-stride breach?

TASK: CONDUCT an in-stride breach of a minefield (05-3-0103) ( FM 90-13-1, FM 5-250, FM 20-32, FM 5-34) CONDITION: The engineer platoon, in support of a maneuver force conducting an in-stride breach, is directed to reduce a minefield.

Can MICLIC be fired from an armored vehicle?

The MICLIC can be fired from within an armored vehicle without exposing soldiers to fires, although the prefiring preparations must be done at a covered and concealed location near the point of breach.