How to level up fast in farmdale?

The easiest and fastest method of gaining experience is through harvesting crops, although this is truer of crops available at higher levels. Other methods of gaining experience include cleaning rubbish off your farm, collecting water from the well, and selling goods.

How do you get the seal of the North in farmdale?

Northern Seals may be obtained for completing tasks in the Tavern located on your farm. But first you need to renovate the Tavern by completing quests and upgrading in game.

How do you go underwater in farmdale?

Access to underwater farm is gained by completing numerous story quests. When you reach level 30, a quest called “Fishing again” should appear. Following it and quests that come after it will open access to the underwater farm.

How do I get a pet in farmdale?

You can get pets in multiple ways: – you get the first one at the very beginning of the game for free; – they are available during special offers (you can find the special offer icon on the right side of the game screen);

What level do you get watermelon in farmdale?

Plants Available in the Shop

Level Item Sell Price
20 Pumpkin 300
20 Mulberry Tree 40
21 Cherry Tree 50
25 Watermelon 450

How do you get coral in farmdale?

Corals grow underwater, but they are very rare. To make sure they appear regularly, you need to use Horn of Sea Plenty, available in the underwater store.

What level is eggplant in farmdale?

Plants are the cornerstone of advancing in the Farmdale world….Plants Available in the Shop.

Level 78
Item Eggplant
Price 1.5k
Sell Price 2k
Growth Time 12h