Is bowfishing legal in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, the only legal game fish that bow fisherman can shoot is catfish. You can take in as many as 15 catfish per day or two paddlefish (also called spoonbill catfish) per day. There are a limited number of places in the United States where bow fishermen may retrieve the prehistoric spoonbill catfish.

Where can I Bowfish in Kentucky?

Kentucky lake, Barkley lake, Tennessee river, and Cumberland river has been a bowfishing paradise for as long as I can remember; some of my fondest outdoor memories have been made while standing on a boat’s deck with a bow in my hand.

Do you need a license to Bowfish in Kentucky?

Yes, you will need a fishing license in Ky to bowfish. There are no seasons for any species. The only limit is on catfish (5). You can only shoot carp, gar ( not alligator ) and catfish.

How do I find local bass tournaments?

As one example, B.A.S.S. has a toll-free phone number that anglers can call to get contact information for bass clubs in their state or local area. You may also want to check with your local tackle shop or ask other local bass anglers about clubs that they would recommend.

Is noodling legal in KY?

Tickling & Noodling (301 KAR 1:410; KRS 150.010) The tickling and noodling (hand grabbing) season for rough fish is June 1 through August 31, during daylight hours only. Tickling and noodling means taking fish directly by hand, or with the aid of a handled hook. These methods are permitted in all waters.

Is spearfishing legal in KY?

Gigging or spear fishing is legal in Kentucky from Feb. 1st thru May .

Where can I fish for paddlefish in Kentucky?

Paddlefish are also found in a handful of major reservoirs: Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, and Lake Cumberland. Paddlefish are long-lived, yet mature sexually rather late in life. Females do not begin spawning until they are seven to 10 years old, some as late as 16 to 18 years old.

How do you find local fishing tournaments?

Local Bass Fishing Tournaments If you want to know how to get started in bass tournaments, connect with a bass club in your area and contact the tournament director. Some clubs may require you to be member in order to fish a club tournament, but many clubs also hold open tournaments that non-members can enter.

Is jug fishing illegal in Kentucky?

One person may use no more than two sport fishing trotlines or 50 jug lines or 25 set lines at any one time. Each boat may not use more than 50 jug lines, but each occupant may use two sportfishing trotlines or 25 set lines.

Where are the best places to bowfish in Kentucky?

If you want to participate in bowfishing tournaments, check out Kentucky Lake since the 160,000-acre lake hosts many bowfishing tournaments in the state. Many of the tournaments in Kentucky will target the invasive Asian carp on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

When will Kentucky fishing tournaments resume?

Fishing tournaments in Kentucky were suspended this spring because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Tournaments were allowed to resume by Governor Beshear on June 1 st with new guidelines​.

How do I register for a fishing tournament at Kentucky State Parks?

In addition to the requirements from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, there are requirements for tournaments held at Kentucky State Parks. If you are planning a tournament out of a State Park ramp, please check the Kentucky State Parks Fishing Tournament Registration page for important information and an application form.

Are bass tournaments causing congestion at Kentucky boat ramps?

Congestion at boat ramps across Kentucky is on the rise with the increased participation in competitive bass tournaments. Concerns from both recreational and tournament anglers stresses the importance of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ online Tournament Fishing Schedule site.