Is Cape Verde good for surfing?

Winds combined with the nicely shaped volcanic reefs can produce some of the best waves you will find in the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Verde is one of the safest countries in Africa and enjoys tropical weather with warm temperatures all year round, which means that it is ideal for pleasant surf and beach holidays.

Are there sharks in Cape Verde?

West Africa’s Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten volcanic islands, home to over 60 shark and ray species including whale sharks, tiger sharks and manta rays.

Can you surf in Sal Cape Verde?

The pleasant climate, the lovely warm sea water, the constant northeast trade wind, the many surf spots and facilities make Sal a perfect place for every type of surfer. On this island of Cape Verde, there are plenty of surf spots for both beginners and more advanced surfers.

Are there snakes in Cape Verde?

There are no predators in Cape Verde, no snakes and very few poisonous animals.

Which is the best surf resort in Maldives?

6 of The Best Surf Resorts in Maldives. 1 Cokes Surf Camp. First on our list of the best surf resorts in Maldives is Cokes Surf Camp. Situated on the island of Thulusdhoo, Cokes Surf Camp is 2 Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort. 3 Niyama Private Islands Maldives. 4 Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa. 5 Ayada Maldives.

Is kandoomas the most exclusive Surf Resort in Maldives?

Although exclusivity of the house break Kandoomas has been enforced since 2014 the cap on surfers on the island is 50, which does mean its not quite as exclusive as some of the other Maldives surf resorts on the list!

Which is the best Maldives island to visit?

The award-winning Niyama Private Islands Maldives has two islands, Play and Chill. If you want a bit of adventure and excitement, you’ll find plenty of this on Play. But for the relaxed moments, you can lounge around with just an empty ocean scape for a view, or spend time in Drift Spa.

What to expect from Maldives luxury resorts?

And as for the resort itself? Expect true Maldives luxury with an array of overwater bungalows, villas, in-house spa, multiple dinning options and a variety of scuba diving and day trip options to keep you busy on down days or the family entertained whilst you’re in the waves!