Is chott a word?

Chott definition The bed of a dried salt marsh. Shott. (geology) A dry salt lake, in the Saharan area of Africa, that stays dry in the summer but receives some water in the winter.

Is Perceivance a word?

Perceivance definition (obsolete) Power of perception.

Is Largened a word?

Largened definition Simple past tense and past participle of largen.

What is a kaleidoscopic person?

Definitions of kaleidoscopic. adjective. continually shifting or rapidly changing. synonyms: kaleidoscopical changeable, changeful. such that alteration is possible; having a marked tendency to change.

How do you pronounce chott?


  1. (US) IPA: /ʃɑt/
  2. Rhymes: -ɑt.
  3. Homophones: shott, shot.

What is a Chote?

Legal Definition of choate : being complete and superior to subsequent liens — see also choate lien at lien — compare inchoate.

What is largen over time?

verb. 1. to make or grow larger in size, scope, etc; increase or expand.

What does largen mean?

To grow large or larger
1To grow large or larger. 2To make large or larger; to enlarge, increase.

Can a person be kaleidoscopic?

When you meet someone and your mind instantly links them with someone totally different, and you know that they will get on splendidly? Humans are kaleidoscopes. Not simply for the inner beauty that can be found, but for the fact that everyone is complicated inside, a mixture of all colours and thoughts and ideas.

What does your life is like a kaleidoscope mean?

Figurative meaning: “constantly changing pattern” yours too? stuff in boxes.

Why work with collideoscope?

Collideoscope is a boutique talent management agency that exists to architect iconic brands and to build meaningful businesses for an elite collection of the world’s most admired leaders.

When did Collideøscope come out?

Collideøscope is the fourth album by Living Colour. Released in 2003, it was their first studio album in eight years. Living Colour began recording Collideøscope in 2001; many of the songs are about the September 11 attacks.

What is a kaleidocsope?

“Microscopic Kaleidocsope”: minute kaleidoscopes (as small as one inch in length) for viewing microscopic objects, have also been worn by women as jewelry placement of “regularly crystallised bodies or pieces of glass that have received the polarising structure” in front of the aperture, to introduce “the complementary colors of polarised light”

What is the kaleidoscope of identities in the woof paper?

The series boasts a beautiful kaleidoscope of identities: Mexican, Filipino, Afro-Latino, nonbinary and transgender, gay and bisexual. — David Oliver, USA TODAY, 13 Dec. 2021 The Woof Paper gives its ShibArmy and coins a kaleidoscope of doggie personas.