Is First Tech a real bank?

First Tech makes it easy to access your money and get the help you need. With more than 40 First Tech locations and access to more than 5,600 CO-OP branches nationwide, 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs, online banking, bill pay, mobile apps and e-deposit 24/7, we have the tools you need to make your banking life easy.

Does First Tech have safe deposit boxes?

Applicable fees for safe deposit boxes. Box availability and size vary per Experience Center location. 3×10 Annual Rental $45.00 5×5 Annual Rental $46.00 5×10 Annual Rental $58.00 10×10 Annual Rental $97.00 Key Deposit $16.00 Refunded when both keys are returned.

How much can I withdraw from First Tech ATM?

You’re limited to $500 a day per cardholder. This limit varies if you use a non-First Tech ATM and doesn’t include any third party fees.

Does First Tech have direct deposit?

Here’s how it works. Combine a new direct deposit, a new checking account, and a new credit card to stack up cash bonuses and rewards. Simply open your accounts or enroll in the Direct Deposit Bonus at any First Tech Experience Center and provide proof of employment at Microsoft.

Where is the headquarters of First Tech Federal Credit Union?

Palo Alto, CAFirst Tech Federal Credit Union / Headquarters

How do I deposit a check at First Tech?

Use the First Tech App to deposit a check on your phone:

  1. Sign the back of the check and write: “For mobile deposit at First Tech only.”
  2. Sign in to the First Tech Mobile App.
  3. For iOS, tap “deposit” at the bottom of the Accounts screen.
  4. Tap “Select an Account” to choose where the check will be deposited.

Who does First Tech pull from?

Reports to only one credit bureau: First Tech does not report payments to the three major credit bureaus, which is rare among lenders. It reports payments only to Experian.