Is Sept 21 2021 a holiday in the Philippines?

MANILA (UPDATED) – President Rodrigo Duterte clarified Monday that September 21, the 45th anniversary of the declaration of the Marcos-era martial law, will not be a holiday in the Philippines. “September 21 is not a holiday, I have declared it a day of protest.

Is Monday Sept 21 a holiday?

2021 Daily Holidays that fall on September 21, include: International Day of Peace. IT Professionals Day – September 21, 2021 (Third Tuesday in September) Miniature Golf Day. National Chai Day.

Why is Nov 30 Bonifacio Day?

The National Library of the Philippines joins the entire nation in commemorating the 158th birth anniversary of Gat Andres Bonifacio, the Father of Philippine Revolution and one of the founders of Katipunan.

Is November 1 2021 Regular holiday in Philippines?

It can be noted that President Rodrigo Duterte issued Proclamation No. 1107 which declares November 1 as a special non-working holiday for the commemoration of the All Saints Day, November 2 (special working holiday) for the All Soul’s Day, and a regular holiday on November 30, 2021, for Andres Bonifacio day.

Is October 31 2021 holiday in the Philippines?

To finalize and conclude, October 31 is not a special non-working holiday. If you have plans on this said date, better tell your employer ahead of time because unfortunately, it is not a special non-working day.

Is NOV 29 a holiday?

Acting presidential spokesperson Karlo Nograles said Nov. 29 and Dec. 1 are considered “special working days,” while only November 30 is a regular holiday for the commemoration of national hero Andres Bonifacio’s birth anniversary.

What holiday is on November?

Holiday Category Tags
Nov 2 Wednesday
National Stress Awareness Day Health Awareness, Mental Health
National Deviled Egg Day Food & Beverage Cooking
Day of the Dead Cultural Cultural, Family, Mexican

What national holiday is Sept 21?

National Farm Safety Day for Kids. National IT Professionals Day – September 21, 2021 (Third Tuesday in September) National Myositis Awareness Day. National Pecan Cookie Day.