What are the 5 components of creativity?

Terms in this set (5)Expertise. well developed base of knowledge.Imaginative Thinking Skills. provide the ability to things in novel ways.A venturesome personality. seeking new experience.Intrinsic Movtivation. is being driven more by interest, satisfaction, and challenge thank external pressures.A Creative Environment.

What are the three basic elements of creativity?

The image: The basic elements of creativity: copy, transform, combine.

What are the three components of creativity?

The Three Components of Creativity Within every individual, creativity is a function of three components: expertise, creative-thinking skills, and motivation.

What can kill creativity?

To live a creative life, you must be able to destroy your habits that are killing your creativity.Premature judgment. Lack of courage. Avoidance of failure. Comparing yourself with others. Discomfort with uncertainty. Taking criticism personally. Lack of confidence. Analysis paralysis.

How do you kill an idea?

Ways to kill ideasIgnore it. Say nothing. Criticize it. Say how bad an idea it is. Faint praise. Damn it with faint praise. Laugh at it. Smirk, giggle, laugh, chortle. Analyse it. Ask searching questions about it. Tried it. Say how the idea has been tried before and found to be completely ineffectual. Compete with it. Change it.

What are the creative techniques?

9 creative techniques for you and your teamBrainstorming – probably one of the most popular creative techniques. Negative brainstorming. The Insights Game. Mood boards. Random Words (Random Input) Storyboarding. Metaphorical thinking. Mind mapping.

What is a creative thinking technique?

Creative thinking involves tackling projects, plans, problems, or obstacles through fresh and unorthodox methods and ideas—in other words, thinking outside the box, or divergent thinking, the opposite of convergent thinking.