What are the 9 Glens of Antrim?

Visit the 9 Glens of Antrim

  • Glenarm – valley of the army.
  • Glencloy – valley of the dykes.
  • Glenariff – valley of the plough.
  • Glenballyemon – Edwardstown Glen.
  • Glanaan – valley of the little fords.
  • Glencorp – valley of the dead.
  • Glendun – brown valley.
  • Glenshesk – valley of the sedge.

Who owns Glens of Antrim?

Today it is run by Mary, the founders’ daughter-in-law, with her husband Charlie, and his brother Michael alongside “a very strong management team”. The evolution of the business would’ve been unimaginable back in 1970s Northern Ireland, when it provided the humble spud to retailers, Mary says.

How many Glens are in Ireland?

nine glens
Comprising nine glens, or valleys, that radiate from the Antrim Plateau to the coast. The inhabitants of the several glens are descended primarily from native Irish and Hebridean Scots.

Is Ballycastle in the Glens of Antrim?

The centre of the County’s pride and joy, the Nine Glens of Antrim, Ballycastle is used by many as an ideal base for exploring the nearby sights of infamous landmarks such as the Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills Distillery and the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge – each located less than 10 miles away.

Which is the most famous of the nine hills of the Glens of Antrim?

Glenariff It’s among the most popular to visit and has earned the nickname, the ‘Queen of the Glens’, due to its stunning natural beauty. Lying at the foot of the glen, the village of Waterfoot makes a superb base for exploring the many walking trails.

How many Glens are there?

The five glens from westernmost to easternmost are: Glen Isla. Glen Prosen. Glen Clova.

How were the Glens of Antrim formed?

The Glens of Antrim were formed over 55-60 million years ago by the glaciers moving over the Northern coast of Ireland during the last ice age. The landscape contains red sandstone in Red Bay, black basalt in Black Cave and grey clay is found in White Bay.

Where is the Glen of Antrim?

Northern Ireland
The Glens of Antrim, known locally as ‘The Glens’, is a region of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It comprises nine glens or valleys, that run from the Antrim Plateau to the coast. The Glens are an area nature has put on full display the beauty of the flora and fauna of Ireland.

Is Ballymena in the Glens of Antrim?

Where do the Glens of Antrim begin? The Nine Glens of Antrim run from Larne in County Antrim, which is on the east coast of Ireland almost a direct run from Ballymena where my family hails from.

How many glens are there?