What can destroy a Dalek?

Turns out, Daleks are incredibly hard to kill. From what we saw in the new Doctor Who series(2005), Daleks cannot be taken out by humans with regular weaponry. Rose Tyler disintegrating them.

Can a Dalek be killed?

Daleks did not die naturally, every cell being genetically hardwired with an impulse to keep on living, (TV: The Witch’s Familiar) even if they were chopped to pieces and left buried for centuries away from their casings.

Who can beat the Daleks?

The Doctor has defeated both the Daleks and the Cybermen many times in his fifty-year history, and for that reason, could dispatch Ultron with relative ease. As he’s well versed in dealing with insane technological threats and terrors, Ultron’s head could soon replace Handles as The Doctor’s trophy in the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Can a Dalek be good?

The Daleks are known for being the ultimate evil, hating and destroying any life that isn’t Dalek. But despite all the horrible atrocities the natives of Skaro have committed, they have done some good as well, however unintentional or misguided.

Could the Cybermen beat the Daleks?

Borg may be powerful, but the Daleks and Cybermen are transdimensional threats. The Daleks would most likely beat the cybermen, due to having near indestructible bodies, but the Cybermen could use the Daleks’ one weakness: Daleks take this with little effort. The Cybermen have already been canonically and easily defeated by the Daleks.

Could the Daleks beat the Borg?

The Borg have no way of getting past the Daleks’ casing or forcefields, and given that the humans in star trek were eventually able to develop big weapons to fight the Borg and blow up their cube, I would say the Daleks, being more powerful by an order of magnitude, would wipe out the Borg with little more effort than the Cybermen.

Who would win in a fight Cybermen or Borg?

The Cybermen easily won, and the Borg resorted to asking the Enterprise and the Doctor for aid. The Cybermen have superior assimilation skills. And this is before their major upgrade to assimilation abilities. Cybermen win pretty easily.

How many Daleks did the Doctor Kill before the cult upgrades?

The Doctor modifies Torchwood weaponry to work on Daleks, they don’t kill a single one before the Cult upgrades themselves. He looked up at the Dalek and tilted his head, frowning.