What do you do with dragon eggs in Spyro?

There are 12 dragon eggs to be found in Spyro the Dragon. Collecting all of them is required to complete the game in 100%. Additionally, in case of one of the balloonists (the one in the level with magic wielders), it is necessary to have a given number of eggs to get to the next homeworld.

How many eggs are there Spyro 1?

twelve eggs
In the original PlayStation game, the eggs are mostly magenta pinkish with spots on them. All twelve eggs are in the hands of Egg Thieves that have stolen them all. Tuco the Balloonist of the Magic Crafters’ realm will not allow Spyro passage to the Beast Makers’ realm until he has retrieved at least five dragon eggs.

Where are all 12 eggs in Spyro?


  • Stone Hill.
  • Town Square.
  • Peacekeeper Home.
  • Dry Canyon.
  • Cliff Town.
  • Magic Crafter Home.
  • Alpine Ridge.
  • High Caves.

Does 100% Spyro have anything?

Getting 100% means you’ll have to rescue all 12 Eggs, rescue all 80 Dragons, and collect no less than 12,000 Gems! Of course, if you’ve been following the walkthrough, rescuing Magnus again will be the last thing you need to open it.

What does Spyro collect?

Spyro is tasked with collecting the “Heart” of each land in order to stop Ripto’s latest evil scheme after a machine malfunctions opening a portal, bringing Ripto back into the dragon realms following the events of Enter The Dragonfly.

How many eggs do you need to fight the sorceress?

In arena where you battle the Sorceress herself. You fight her at the end of the game, after collecting at least 100 eggs.

Where is egg for sale Spyro?

Egg #6: Egg for Sale Arguably the most satisfying Egg to get, the secret sixth Egg is available after defeating the Sorceress. Once you do this, Moneybags will appear on the bridge between Crystal Islands and Desert Ruins.

How do you get the dragon egg in Spyro?

Follow the wall as it bends right and land on the lower section of the ledge. Hop up onto the next section of the ledge and charge after the egg thief. Use your flame breath to defeat the egg thief and get this dragon egg.

How many worlds does Spyro 1 have?

six worlds
You must guide spyro through 36 levels spread across six worlds as he tries to free his brethren from their. Help save the dragons from their. Right near the end of the pathway, you’ll see a twister kind of thing. 7 rows spyro the dragon help save the dragons from their crystalline cells.

Where is shh it a secret Egg?

Desert Ruins
Egg #1: Shhh, It’s a Secret To find this Egg, head to the Portal for Desert Ruins and look for the cracked part of the wall to the right of it. Charge it and Glide to the island to collect the Egg.