What does Brucella abortus do?

In Brucella abortus, LON functions as a stress protease that is required for wild-type virulence during the initial stage of infection in mouse [64].

What is Brucella abortus vaccine?

Brucella abortus is a bacterium that causes brucellosis in cattle. B. abortus RB51 is a strain of this bacterium developed specifically for immunization of cattle against brucellosis to allow serological differentiation between naturally infected and vaccinated animals.

Is Brucella abortus a fungal disease?

Brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by a type of bacteria called Brucella. The bacteria can spread from animals to humans. There are several different strains of Brucella bacteria. Some types are seen in cows.

Where does Brucella abortus come from?

Cattle are the usual hosts for Brucella abortus. This organism also causes brucellosis in bison, water buffalo, camels and elk, and occasionally affects other species. Most people become infected by direct contact with infected animals or their tissues, or by ingesting contaminated dairy products.

Is Brucella abortus a live vaccine?

The SR82 strain is a B. abortus biovar 6 live attenuated vaccine used since 1974 by the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) for bovine brucellosis control [82]. This vaccine agglutinates in both rough and smooth anti-sera, but does not induce positive response in brucellosis agglutination tests [82,83].

What are the symptoms of Brucella in humans?

Signs and Symptoms

  • fever.
  • sweats.
  • malaise.
  • anorexia.
  • headache.
  • pain in muscles, joint, and/or back.
  • fatigue.

What is the best treatment for Brucella?

Death from brucellosis is rare, occurring in no more than 2% of all cases. Generally, the antibiotics doxycycline and rifampin are recommended in combination for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

What are the signs and symptoms of brucellosis in humans?