What does froncysyllte mean in Welsh?

a hillside or slope
The name is derived from the Welsh ‘fron’, meaning a hillside or slope, along with the name Cysyllte, one of the old townships of the parish of Llangollen.

Where is the world’s highest aqueduct?

It is 12 ft (3.7 metres) wide and is the longest aqueduct in Great Britain and the highest canal aqueduct in the world. A footpath runs alongside the watercourse on one side….Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Traphont Ddŵr Pontcysyllte
Carries Llangollen Canal
Crosses River Dee
Locale Froncysyllte, Wrexham, Wales

Why was Pontcysyllte aqueduct built?

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct was constructed between 1796 and 1805 to carry the Ellesmere Canal over the River Dee, linking the Froncysyllte and Trefor villages situated on either side of the valley.

How do you pronounce froncysyllte?

Froncysyllte (/ˌvrɒŋkəˈsʌlteɪ/; Welsh pronunciation: [vrɔŋkəˈsəɬte]), colloquially known as Fron, is a village in Wrexham County Borough, Wales and stands on the banks of the River Dee and the Llangollen Canal.

Can you walk over Llangollen Aqueduct?

Taking the Llangollen Canal across the River Dee valley in North Wales, the aqueduct is one of the most awesome engineering feats on the canal network. You can walk across the aqueduct or save your legs and go by boat – remember to bring your camera and a head for heights!

Can you walk the Llangollen Canal?

A welcome awaits in the valleys when you step out on this gentle six mile walk along the Llangollen Canal, thanks to The Outdoor Guide.

How long does it take to cruise the Llangollen Canal?

three days
The Llangollen Canal is 41 miles long and takes at least three days to cruise the canals and rivers (one-way), more when busy. You can find out more about our boat hires, cruise guides and waterways maps on our canal boat holiday base information pages for canal boat holidays in Wales.

What is the longest aqueduct in the world?

AHMEDABAD: The Mahi aqueduct, built across river Mahi, at chainage 142 km of the Narmada main canal (NMC), is the largest aqueduct in the world.

How tall is the aqueduct?

The structure, pictured in the 1890s, consists of a trough of cast iron sitting on tall stone piers. The aqueduct is 307m (1,007ft) long and stands almost 39m above the river Dee.

Can you walk across Pontcysyllte Aqueduct?

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Trevor Basin Visitor Centre You can walk across the aqueduct or save your legs and go by boat – remember to bring your camera and a head for heights!