What does Pluto opposite moon mean?

When transiting Pluto forms an opposition to your moon, you will pass through a dark night of the soul in which deep emotional patterns are triggered and revealed. You will undergo a period of intense emotional purging. This will lead to the root of old wounds and vulnerabilities.

What does moon trine Pluto mean?

Moon Trine Pluto Natal Being born with the moon in a trine aspect with Pluto gives you strong inner impetus in going after what you want in life, believing it is possible to make your deepest desires a reality.

What does Venus opposite Pluto mean?

Pluto Opposite Venus Natal Being born with Venus in opposition to Pluto, you are drawn toward intense relational experiences that open you up and call you to confront your own values. There is often an important mirroring quality within your relationships.

What is the meaning of transiting Pluto opposite natal Sun?

Transiting Pluto Opposite the Sun: With the opposition, people and situations can make one feel powerless. Be cautious when dealing with authority, as it’s a transit of “getting into it” with oppositional forces. On the other hand, facing a mighty foe because you have no choice can show you what you’re made of.

What does Sun conjunct Pluto mean?

Sun Conjunct Pluto Natal When Pluto is conjunct with the sun in your natal chart, this aspect gives you a strong sense of personal destiny, as well as an empowered capacity to bring it about through the force of your personality and personal drive.

What does Pluto trine ascendant mean?

Pluto trine Ascendant If you have Pluto trine your Ascendant, there is a certain intensity, charisma, or compelling attractiveness about you that may have little to do with your physical features. It’s an energy, a subtle sexuality, that you emanate.

What does moon trine ascendant mean?

Moon Trine Ascendant Natal Being born with the moon in a trine aspect with your ascendant, your mind and feelings are attuned to find supportive currents and times of favorable winds, as you are receptive to relationships and resources aligned with your purpose in life.

How does Pluto feel in synastry?

Pluto has a dangerous reputation in synastry. He’s the guy in the room who causes everyone to back away a little. It’s well-deserved. With Pluto comes jealousy, obsession, compulsion, fearsome desire, terror, rage–a fight to the death, to the last gasp.

What does Venus opposite Mars mean?

Venus opposite Mars is a powerful and magnetic aspect: these two energies are complementary, the attraction between them is strong, yet they want different things. The purpose of the dynamic tension generated by this alignment is to help us balance our needs with other people’s needs.

What happens when Pluto conjuncts your sun?

Sunny Side of Pluto Transiting Pluto Conjunct the Sun: This causes an identity crisis or metamorphosis of self-image. Dramatic changes that strike at the heart of the sense of self. The process of purging social conditioning, in favor of natural instincts. The unearthing of creative potential and vitality.

How long is a Pluto opposition sun?

In most of the cases you are likely to experience some kind of conflict with another person or structure (that’s what oppositions do). And this transit lasts 2-3 years. So during this long period you may undergo different phases. In the beginning you might feel really pushed and burnt-out.

What does sun opposition Pluto mean?

Sun Opposite Pluto Natal When Pluto is opposite the sun in the natal chart, this aspect creates tension between your deeply felt inner purpose and with the external relationships you form to help you with its actualization. You are ambitious, but will need to learn balance in pursuing personal growth.

What does the Moon opposite Pluto mean in astrology?

The Moon opposite Pluto in their natal chart makes them feel this way and also way too serious about any of the feelings they’re encountering. They may see emotional encounters as matters of life and death, not to mention they’ll have this tendency of manipulating others into being intimate with them.

What are the signs of bipolar and Moon opposite Pluto?

Alternating extremes of emotion and behavior are the signs of both bipolar disorder and Moon opposite Pluto. There is no need to feel ashamed of your intense emotional nature. Such strong emotions show how much you care for loved ones.

What does the day of the Moon opposite Pluto transit bring?

The day of the Moon opposite Pluto transit brings to the surface old fears and intense emotions from the past.

Is Pluto or moon more important in a relationship?

Pluto is typically the obsessive (and possessive) one, but in here, it seems the Moon would be the one more into it. This is not particularly good, because your relationship should not be established solely upon this factor of fascination and fatality.