What drug category is amantadine?

Amantadine is in a class of medications called adamantanes. It is thought to work to control movement problems by increasing the amount of dopamine in certain parts of the body.

Is amantadine HCL a controlled substance?

Amantadine is not a controlled substance.

What is the action of amantadine?

Mechanism of Action: Amantadine interferes with the release of infectious viral nucleic acid into the host cell through interaction with the transmembrane domain of the M2 protein of the virus. It also appears to prevent virus assembly during replication in some cases.

What is the indication of Amantadine?

SYMMETREL (amantadine hydrochloride) is indicated for the prophylaxis and treatment of signs and symptoms of infection caused by various strains of influenza A virus. SYMMETREL (amantadine hydrochloride) is also indicated in the treatment of parkinsonism and drug-induced extrapyramidal reactions.

What is amantadine hcl used for?

Amantadine is an antidyskinetic medicine. It is used to treat Parkinson’s disease (sometimes called “paralysis agitans” or “shaking palsy”) and its symptoms, including dyskinesia (sudden uncontrolled movements). It may be given alone or in combination with other medicines (eg, levodopa) for Parkinson’s disease.

Is amantadine an immunosuppressant?

Unlike other immunosuppressive agents, this chemical appears to affect only the proliferative response of cells in systems relating to immunological recognition. Phytohemagglutinin (PHA) stimulation of the same cell population is enhanced by amantadine.

Is amantadine an anticholinergic?

Amantadine is a weak, non-competitive antagonist of the NMDA receptor, which increases dopamine release and prevents dopamine reuptake. Although amantadine does not have anticholinergic activity, there may be anticholinergic side effects such as dry mouth, urinary retention, and constipation clinically.

What is amantadine HCl used for?

What is amantadine made from?

Amantadine, 1-adamantylamine (36.1. 3), is synthesized from adamantane, which is first brominated with molecular bromine to make 1-bromoadamantane (36.1.

What is the purpose of treatment with amantadine Symmetrel )?

Amantadine is used to prevent or treat a certain type of flu (influenza A). If you have been infected with the flu, this medication may help make your symptoms less severe and shorten the time it will take you to get better.

What are the benefits of amantadine?

By improving muscle control and reducing stiffness, this medicine allows more normal movements of the body as the disease symptoms are reduced. Amantadine is also used to treat stiffness and shakiness caused by certain medicines that are used to treat nervous, mental, and emotional conditions.