What episode is Ben 10 and Generator Rex crossover?

“Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United” is an extended crossover episode of Generator Rex with a guest appearance of Ben Tennyson from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. It debuted on November 25, 2011. It is also a two-part episode and the 10th and 11th episodes of season three of Generator Rex.

Will there be a Generator Rex reboot?

Generator Rex is an American superhero science fiction animated series created by Man of Action Entertainment for HBO MAX and produced by Cartoon Network. It is a reboot of the original show that premiered April 13, 2010 on Cartoon Network. The series is a second entry of the HBO Max Animated Universe.

Where can I watch Heroes United ben 10?

At least further episodes are available for viewing on Amazon Instant Video, if you care to pay the price (Not me). However, this Cartoon Network crossover – BEN 10/GENERATOR REX: HEROES UNITED – is worth your $1.99 if you’d rather not wait until Cartoon Network rebroadcasts it.

What happens in Ben 10 vs Rex Heroes United?

Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United In the crossover special, Ben enters Rex’s world by accident, and Rex confuses Ben for a dangerous EVO . After Rex and Ben have a fight, they eventually team up to face the worst threat either of them have ever faced: the sapient nanite Alpha .

Who is Ben 10 Teen Titans Go?

Teen Titans Go! Action Arcade Ben 10 is the special name of Ben Tennyson a 10 years old kid with a magic device that can convert him in 10 alien heroes with different abilities. He uses that device to face dangerous enemies in the animated series with the help of Gwendolyn Catherine Tennyson, Maxwell Tennyson and other members.

How intelligent is Rex from the Outsiders?

Coming from a family of scientists, Rex is quite intelligent, as shown when he was able to take high school courses with ease. After taking a trigonometry pop quiz, Rex casually told Noah that it was “just trig” and explained that it was like aiming his cannon.