What episode of Family Guy does Brian get sprayed by a skunk?

Meg Stinks!
Peter takes Meg to a college for an interview, but end up partying; Brian is forced to live outside after being sprayed by a skunk.

What happened to Brian after he was sprayed by a skunk?

When Brian was sprayed by the skunk, he thrashed around and took the wall off the shelter on accident. He decides to rebuild it and make it stronger. Brian tears down what is left of his shelter and then gets heavier logs to rebuild his cabin.

What were the effects Brian had after he was sprayed with the skunk in hatchet?

Brian yells at the skunk, which reacts by spraying him. Blinded for nearly two hours as a result of the spray, Brian runs into the lake to wash himself. The skunk has also eaten the eggs he had stored on the shore. Brian learned two lessons from this incident: make a sturdy shelter and put food in a protected place.

Did Brian get hit by a car?

While there, Stewie and Brian find a street hockey net and take it home for exercise. The first time they set it up, Brian is hit and critically injured by an out-of-control driver. At the vet, the Griffins learn that Brian’s injuries are too overwhelming to overcome, and the family says their goodbyes.

What episode is Retep?

Retep Niffirg, or better known by his first name Retep, is a minor antagonist in Family Guy, being an evil clone of Peter Griffin and only appearing in the episode “Meg Stinks!”.

What episode is scrappy Brian?

“Meg Stinks!” is the nineteenth episode of the twelfth season of the animated comedy series Family Guy and the 229th episode overall.

What lesson did the skunk teach Brian?

What lessons did the skunk teach Brian? Everyone needs food and it must be protected at all cost. He made a small trap that stayed in the water. He would catch fish and put them in the contained area, this way when he needed them they were there.

Why does Brian bother the skunk?

Angry that the skunk was trying to steal his food, Brian had thrown sand at it and yelled at it to get out.

What did Brian learn from his trouble with the skunk?

Q. What did Brian learn from his trouble with the skunk? He learned to keep his eyes closed when a skunk was nearby.

What episode is Retep in Family Guy?