What happened to Goldblatts?

Goldblatt’s was an American chain of local discount stores that operated in Chicago, Illinois, as well as Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin….Goldblatt’s.

Industry Retail
Defunct 2003 (final liquidation; all stores closed by 2000)
Fate Liquidated
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Is goldblatt still in business?

The company filed for bakruptcy in 1981, but reopened in 1982 with six stores that would sell primarily to lower income shoppers. They remained in business until 2003, when the Goldblatt’s stores were closed for good and liquidated.

When did Goldblatt’s close?

2003Goldblatt’s / Ceased operations

Who bought out venture?

In December 1992 Farmers Deka acquired 100% of Venture, with ownership passing to Western Australian-based grocery wholesaler and retailer Foodland Associated Limited (FAL), a former Australian company later acquired by IGA.

Why did zayre go out of business?

Ames. When Zayre started to go downhill in the late 1980s, it sold nearly 400 stores to Ames in exchange for $430 million. Although Ames was already an established and well-known chain by that time, it couldn’t survive the ambitious merger. Ames filed for bankruptcy soon after, and eventually folded in 2002.

Who bought out Goldblatt?

Goldblatt is a long-standing brand that specializes in concrete, masonry, tile, and drywall tools, and they have been branching out into other areas. The USA-based company is now owned by GreatStar Tools (since 2011), which is a huge OEM.

What does Goldblatt mean?

Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name, composed of German Gold ‘gold’ + Blatt ‘leaf’.

Did Kmart buy venture?

Venture sold the Texas stores to Kmart in 1996 and closed its distribution center in Corsicana, Texas. The company entered chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 20, 1998, and tried to operate with a smaller number of stores.

What happened to service merchandise stores?

Service Merchandise eventually filed for bankruptcy and liquidated in 2002 after being unable to compete on price and selection against big box stores and internet sellers. It still operates as an e-commerce site.

Who makes Goldblatt tools?