What is a good score in CFT?

However, a perfect score for all three events is 100 points each. The scale for earning points depends on your age and gender. What is a failing CFT score? A failing Marine CFT score is one below 150.

How is the CFT scored?

Your score for this test is based on how many reps you complete, how fast your run time is, and your age. The Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test, or CFT, is a test used to make sure their Marines are physically ready for combat.

How much does an ammo can weigh CFT?

30 pounds
“The ammo can is 30 pounds and has to (start) below the chin then is pushed out at a 45 degree angle or over the head, fully extending the arms,” Robles explained. After a three-minute break, the Marines participated in the final timed event, maneuver-under-fire, which is the most challenging part of the CFT.

What are Marine Corps cutting scores?


  • Intelligence
  • Infantry
  • Logistics
  • Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Plans
  • Communications
  • Field Artillery
  • Utilities
  • Engineer,Construction,Facilities,and Equipment
  • Cyberspace
  • What are the Marine Corps fitness standards?

    Marine Corps PFT standards are designed by the branch of the military to determine your physical fitness readiness. The goal is to get a score of at least 40 points in each activity in order to remain in good standing with the Marines.

    What is the Marine Corps physical fitness test?

    Pull-ups or Push-ups

  • Timed Crunches or Plank
  • Timed Three-mile Run
  • What skills are required for the Marine Corps?

    Physical Fitness. Members of the United States Marine Corps have the ability to pass a variety of strength and endurance benchmarks,ensuring combat readiness.

  • Unarmed Combat. Marines are highly skilled in combat,able to defend against a variety of threats,even when unarmed.
  • Armed Combat.
  • Tactics.