What is a paraphrase question?

The term simply means repeating another person’s ideas in your own understanding but retaining the thought of the statement or question. Simple as it may seem, not everyone applies paraphrasing in all of their conversations. It is a useful technique to help you unlock the real meaning of the statement or question.

How do you paraphrase a conversation?

When you’re paraphrasing conversations in this way, take care not to introduce new ideas or information, and not to make judgements on what the other person has said, or to “spin” their words toward what you want to hear. Instead, simply restate their position as you understand it.

Can you paraphrase in a summary?

Paraphrase Writing Format Make a copy of your summary and place it below the original. Go into the copy of your summary and try to paraphrase each “word-for-word” passage that you cited. When writing a summary, remember that it should be in the form of a paragraph. A summary is written in your own words.

What three elements do paraphrases and summaries have in common?

The three elements that have paraphrases and summaries in common are -You must keep the same meaning as the original text.You must keep the same order of ideas and events as the original text.You must put the author’s original text in your own words.