What is deadline the book about?

Deadline by Chris Crutcher is a story following the story of a highschooler’s senior year. The main character, Ben Wolf, finds out that he has a very bad blood disease and only has about one year to live. So, he takes the moment trying to hide this secret and make the most out of his senior year.

What is the theme of Deadline by Chris Crutcher?

In his latest novel, Deadline, Chris Crutcher revisits many of his familiar themes death, child molestation, censorship and sports but does so in the context of a startlingly heartrending plot that manages to be simultaneously wise, thought-provoking, occasionally maddening and frequently very, very funny.

What disease does Ben have in the book deadline?

Just before his senior year, Ben Wolf is diagnosed with a rare, incurable leukemia. At 18, he has the legal right to keep the news to himself until he’s ready to reveal it.

How old is Ben Wolf in deadline?

Deadline by Chris Crutcher tells the story of Ben Wolf, an eighteen-year-old high school senior who is dying from a rare blood disease. He decides to forgo treatment and live his last year to the fullest. Ben lives in an extremely small town in Idaho where everyone has known him from birth.

What happens at the end of Deadline by Chris Crutcher?

Ben has not felt any bad effects from his disease to this point and grows to discover that life is more complicated that he had once thought. Eventually he realizes that keeping his inevitable death from the people closest to him is wrong and he tells them what is happening and accepts their support.

How Does deadline end?

James arrived at the lock-up before the police and accidentally destroyed key evidence that would have put Natalie’s father behind bars, leaving him “free to rape and murder again”.

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Who’s the killer in deadline?

Natalie confessed to the killing but is she lying? Deadline episode 3 threw more twists and turns at us than – well, something that throws twisty, turny things – now Natalie has confessed to murder. Episode 3 – which aired tonight on Channel 5 – was another rollercoaster.