What is FINRA S101?

The FINRA Continuing Education program is a two-part system consisting of the Regulatory Element along with the Firm Element. The Firm Element is designed and implemented within each FINRA member firm.

How long does FINRA CE S101 take?

The S101 Program is designed to provide ample time to complete the required materials within the 3½ hour timeframe allotted. Failure to complete the Regulatory Element within 120 days of the prescribed anniversary date will result in a person’s registration becoming inactive.

What is FINRA regulatory element?

The Regulatory Element of FINRA’s CE program focuses on compliance, regulatory, ethical and sales practice standards. Its content is derived from industry rules and regulations, and accepted standards and practices in the industry. Participants must demonstrate proficiency in order to satisfy the CE requirements.

What happens when an RR fails to complete the regulatory element of continuing education?

Unless otherwise determined by FINRA, any covered persons who have not completed the Regulatory Element within the prescribed time frames will have their registrations deemed inactive until such time as the requirements of the program have been satisfied.

How long is regulatory element?

Participants may also choose to sign up to sit for the S201 Regulatory Element at a local testing center. This option must be completed in 3.5 hours with an increased cost and guided lessons through the material.

How long is FINRA regulatory element?

120 days
The person will then have 120 days in which to complete a Regulatory Element computer-based training session. Additionally, the person must complete Regulatory Element sessions within 120 days of the second, fifth, and tenth anniversaries of the effective date associated with the significant disciplinary action.

Can you fail finra CE?

Once you complete the CE session, you are considered CE Satisfied, indicating that you have met your CE requirement. Failure to complete the Regulatory Element within 120 days of your anniversary date (FINRA Rule 1240) will result in your registration becoming inactive (CE Inactive).

How long does finra CE take to complete?

Special Accommodations All participants are prescribed a 120-calendar-day period to complete their CE Online session.

How do I keep my security license active?

Keep your registered representative license by maintaining an affiliation with a broker dealer. The optimal way to do this is to affiliate with a firm that can hold both your investment advisory license and your broker dealer license.

Does Series 7 require continuing education?

All Series 7 license holders must complete a computer-based continuing education, or CE, program called the Regulatory Element within 120 days from the two year anniversary date of receiving their licenses.

How long is finra regulatory element?

Can you fail FINRA CE?