What is GHDB?

The Google Hacking Database (GHDB) is a compendium of Google hacking search terms that have been found to reveal sensitive data exposed by vulnerable servers and web applications. The GHDB was launched in 2000 by Johnny Long to serve penetration testers.

What are the Google Dorking commands?

Advanced Google Dorking Commands

  • intitle:”index of” inurl:ftp.
  • filetype:txt inurl:”email.txt”
  • Live cameras We can use Google to find open cameras that are not access restricted by IP address.
  • inurl:”view.shtml” “Network Camera” (see Figure 4)
  • “Camera Live Image” inurl:”guestimage.html”

How is Google Dorking used by hackers?

In other words: Google “Dorking” is the practice of using Google to find vulnerable web applications and servers by using native Google search engine capabilities. Unless you block specific resources from your website using a robots. txt file, Google indexes all the information that is present on any website.

Is it legal to use Google dorks?

What is Google Dork? It is basically a search string that uses advanced search query to find information that are not easily available on the websites. It is also regarded as illegal google hacking activity which hackers often uses for purposes such as cyber terrorism and cyber theft.

Why is Google Dorking good?

Google Dorking is a search technique that enables hackers to gain access to information that corporations and individuals did not intend to make publicly available. Using this technique, hackers are able to identify vulnerable systems and can recover usernames, passwords, email addresses, and even credit card details.

What are Google dork operators?

Dorking operators across Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Bing

Dork Description Google
info:[url] Presents some information that Google has about a web page, including similar pages, the cached version of the page, and sites linking to the page.
site:[url] Finds pages only within a particular domain and all its subdomains.