What is sinol?

Sinol is an FDA registered, capsaicin-based, over-the-counter homeopathic nasal spray used for the relief of allergy and sinus conditions. It is an all-natural product that the patient uses on an as-needed basis for up to 12 times daily. Sinol has been available in the US since 2004.

Does capsaicin clear your sinuses?

Since capsaicin desensitizes the mucous membranes in the nose, it makes them less irritated by airborne particles, helping to relieve congestion, says J.S. Lacroix, a researcher at University Hospital in Geneva.

What does capsicum do in nasal spray?

Hot chili peppers are known to make people “tear up,” but a new study led by University of Cincinnati allergy researcher Jonathan Bernstein, MD, found that a nasal spray containing an ingredient derived from hot chili peppers (Capsicum annum) may help people “clear up” certain types of sinus inflammation.

How do you use sinol?

Shake well before using Hold the pump bottle with your thumb at the bottom and your index and middle fingers on top. Use a finger on your other hand to close your nostril on the side not receiving Sinol M. Squeeze the pump as you begin to breathe in slowly through your nose. Repeat these steps for the other nostril.

What nasal spray has capsaicin?

Nasal sprays are liquid medicines you spray into your nose. They are used to help relieve congestion (stuffiness) in your nose. Congestion is often a symptom of a cold or allergies.

Does cayenne pepper help sinusitis?

Cayenne pepper is one the best foods for sinusitis. The pepper contains capsaicin, which is a natural remedy for nasal congestion. Grab your favorite yogurt and enjoy the added benefits of fighting off the bad bacteria responsible for your sinus infection.

Is capsaicin good for allergies?

Capsaicin nasal spray may be an effective treatment for patients who have nonallergic rhinitis. A significant proportion (25-30%) of patients suffering from rhinitis have nasal symptoms without an infection or allergies, this is referred to nonallergic rhinitis.