What is SRRC Army?

The Fort Bliss Soldier Resilience and Readiness Center (SRRC) mission is to conduct efficient deployment readiness processing to standard in a customer friendly environment. OIC: 915-568-5491. XO: 915-742-9387.

What is Fort Bliss known for?

Fort Bliss provides the largest contiguous tract (1,500 sq mi or 3,900 km2) of restricted airspace in the Continental United States, used for missile and artillery training and testing, and at 992,000 acres boasts the largest maneuver area (ahead of the National Training Center, which has 642,000 acres).

Who is Fort Bliss named for?

Lt. Col. William Wallace Smith Bliss
Edmund Brooke Alexander, with four companies of the Eighth United States Infantry, rented quarters at Magoffinsville, a hacienda three miles east of Coons’ Rancho. On March 8, 1854, the official name of the post became Fort Bliss, in memory of Lt. Col. William Wallace Smith Bliss, Gen.

How long do you have to be on profile in the army?

If the temporary profile exceeds 6 months, the Soldier will be directed to a specialist who can extend the profile to 12 months, change the temporary profile to a permanent profile, or refer the Soldier to an MEB if they determine they do not meet medical retention standards. Temporary profiles cannot exceed 12 months.

What command does Fort Bliss fall under?

Fort Bliss is the largest Army installation in United States Army Forces Command, also known as FORSCOM.

Can a Soldier take a PT test while on temporary profile?

Extended Temporary Profiles. If the temporary profile exceeds three months, the Soldier may be eligible to take the alternate APFT test (see below).

Can pregnant Soldiers go to the motor pool?

However, there are some duties pregnant Soldiers may perform in the motor pool. They may, except after 20 weeks, perform preventive maintenance checks and services using impermeable gloves and coveralls.