What is the class game poem about?

‘The Class Game’ is a poet responding to the differences she’s observed between herself, as a member of the working class, and those who identify as from the middle and upper classes.

What were they like analysis?

The poem, What Were They Like?, is about the aftereffects of war, and what happens when one culture conflicts with another culture. The poem specifically protests about the damage done by the American military to the people of Vietnam during the war between the two nations in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

When did Mary Casey write the class game?

Mary Casey, The Class Game (1979)

Who is Mary Casey?

Mary Ann Casey (born 1949), retired American diplomat, former ambassador to Algeria and Tunisia. Mary Casey (Neighbours), fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours.

What was poetry annotation like?

In ‘What They Were Like’ Levertov explores the devastating effect of the Vietnam War on the Vietnamese people. The poem was published in 1967 in the midst of the Vietnam War (1955-1975). It imagines the Vietnamese population as completely wiped out.

What is the message of class game?

The Class Game is a poem about prejudice and the way that we treat others dependent on their social status. It covers class and the attitudes we have towards it.

What is the purpose of the poem half caste?

This is a poem about asserting your identity against others who would ‘bring you down’. John Agard was born in Guyana in 1949, with a Caribbean father and a Portuguese mother (he is of mixed race). In 1977, he moved to Britain, where he became angry with people who referred to him as ‘half-caste’.

What is the poem no problem about?

This poem explores the racial abuse and discrimination the speaker (presumed to be Zephaniah) has experienced throughout his life. The speaker asserts that he is not the problem. The problem lies with those who perpetrate this abuse. The speaker explains how he was subjected to racist behaviour at school.

What Were They Like poem themes?

“What Were They Like?” is a poem by Denise Levertov written as a protest against the Vietnam War, envisaging a future where the “genocide” that the American bombing campaign began has been completed, and nothing is known of Vietnam or its culture. Major themes within the poem include: war, culture and anger.

What is the message of What Were They Like?

The poem was written in protest of American involvement in the Vietnam War. In it, Levertov imagines a future in which the Vietnamese people and their culture have been more or less wiped out by the war.