What is the costume of Manipuri dance?

Manipuri Dance Costumes Along with this, they wear a dark-coloured velvet blouse and a veil over the face. Male dancers wear dhoti, kurta, white turban, a folded shawl over the left shoulder and the drum strap over the right shoulder.

What is the main theme of Manipuri dance?

1) Ans :The Manipuri dance is based on stories of lord Krishna and Saint Chaitaniya.

What is the Speciality of Manipuri dance?

Manipuri dance is a religious art and its aim is the expression of spiritual values. Aspects of this performance art is celebrated during festivals and major rites of passage such as weddings among the Manipuri people, particularly in the ethnic majority of Meitei people.

What are the costumes that being used in Manipuri dance specifically for female dancers?

The costume of female dancers resembles that of a Manipuri bride, referred as Potloi costumes. These costumes were introduced for dancers characterising Gopis in ‘Rasa Lila’ dance by Meidingu Bhagyachandra Maharaj.

How many types of dance are there in Manipur?

5 popular folk dance forms of Manipur.

How is Manipuri performed?

Manipuri is the classical dance from the north East Indian state of Manipur. Its themes are devotional and are performed on religious occasions and in temples throughout the area. It is even often referred to as “sankirtan”. The term Manipuri actually covers a number of dance forms from the region.

In which state this 👆 Patloi dress is worn by the dancers?

The costumes in Manipuri dance is very colorful, attractive and very richly bedecked. The female dancers wear a dress called “patloi”. The lehenga is called “Kumin” with mirrors and zari work intricately woven into beautiful designs.

Who is the famous dancer of Manipuri dance?

Elam Endira Devi, is an Indian classical dancer and teacher, known for her expertise and scholarship in the classical dance form of Manipuri, especially in the genres of Lai Haraoba and Raas.

Which of the following is related to Manipuri dance?

Detailed Solution. Manipuri Dance is also known as Jagoi, and is one of the major Indian classical dance forms. The ethnic majority of Meitei people call dance as Jagoi and the traditional ‘Lai Haraoba’ festival observed in the honor of Sylvan deities.

What do we call the skirt worn by female Manipuri dancers?

A traditional Manipuri costume for women includes a shawl or dupatta called Innaphi and a skirt called a Phanek, which is wrapped around the chest.