What is the difference between Kush and Haze?

The main difference between Kush and Haze is that they belong to a different set of species. Kush belongs to the set of Cannabis Indica, and Haze belongs to the set of Cannabis sativa. Kush is considered to be the best weed when compared to Haze. But when it comes to power and toxicity, Haze is best for that.

How long does it take to grow Purple Haze from seed?

8-9 weeks
Best of all, you get this high yield from a flowering time of just 8-9 weeks. Purple Haze is a pretty easy strain to grow overall, and one we recommend if you’re a new grower.

What is the most potent Haze strain?

With a high THC level of 26%, Purple Haze is one of the strongest haze strains with an immediate high-energy cerebral stimulation characterized by creativity and focus. You will feel a body buzz that begins from the head and spreads to all parts of the body, washing away all your pains, stress, depression, and stress.

How long does Purple Kush take to grow?

about 7-8 weeks
Purple Kush behaves like a typical indica plant: short and stout. It grows in about 7-8 weeks. It is best to grow Purple Kush in soil. However, a hydroponics system works very well as long as you keep humidity low.

Is Haze easy to grow?

Cultivation of Easy Haze Easy Haze is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. High yields with haze aroma. This is a very easy to grow plant with extraordinary yields. It develops lots of side branches, thus being recommended for the SCROG technique.

What is Purple Kush?

Purple Kush is considered a classic Indica strain. Its popularity is likely due to its powerful and relaxing potential effects. This quintessential indica has its roots in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan and has quickly evolved into a worldwide favorite due to its vibrant purple color and earthy aroma.

Does purple Kush get you high?

As the two parent strains are indica, the Purple Kush is Indica to the core. This is the reason that the Purple Kush has the potential to create a sense of euphoria that translates to users experiencing a calming effect for the mind and relaxation of the entire body.

Is Kush more sativa or indica?

Kush generally refers to a pure or hybrid Cannabis indica strain.

What is the difference between Kush and haze?

One main way to differentiate between the two is that Haze takes on more sativa-dominant traits, whereas Kush follows a more Indica-dominant subgroup.

What is the taste of Kush Kush?

Kush carries its own distinctive sweet, pungent earthiness, but it hits the nose hard with rich notes that can vary with pine, spice, pepper, and even incense. Reflecting through each inhale and exhale provides the smoker a unique experience when it comes to the taste of each strain.

What is Super Silver Haze and how big does it get?

Super Silver Haze was created when Dutch growers crossed Skunk Haze and NL Haze. The result is a plant with high THC levels that bring a head buzz to every session. She reaches a height of 70-80cm and potentially 200cm with enough light. Super Silver Haze yields growers an average of 500g/m².

What is Amnesia Haze and Silver Haze?

Amnesia Haze is a cross between the original American Haze and a Dutch variety, and it provides a stellar head high. Because of its strong sativa dominant lineage, Amnesia Haze pushes the boundaries of psychedelic toking with its THC reaches around 20%. It’s a medium sized plant growing to about 120cm and yielding 600g/m². 2. Super Silver Haze