What is the difference between misleading and misrepresentation?

A misrepresentation is a false or misleading statement or a material omission which renders other statements misleading, with intent to deceive. Misrepresentation is one the elements of common law fraud, and other causes of action for fraud, such as securities fraud.

What is an example of a false or misleading representation?

Courts have found false and misleading representations in these cases – a: manufacturer sold socks, which were not pure cotton, labelled as ‘pure cotton’ retailer placed a label on garments showing a sale price and a higher, crossed-out price. However, the garments had never sold for the higher price.

What is a remedy in the ACL?

The remedies available under the ACL legislation are much more generous than under the law of contract. A person complaining of misleading conduct may: Seek compensation for damages under Section 236; Seek an injunction (this usually happens to stop misleading advertisements) under Sections 232-235; or.

Is misrepresentation a crime in Australia?

Section 18 prohibits a person (including a corporation), acting in trade or commerce, from engaging in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive. This is a positive obligation; ignorance about the truthfulness of statements made is not a defence.

What are the 3 criteria for a statement to be treated as a misrepresentation?

For a misrepresentation to be actionable, it has to fulfil three requirements: – there must be an untrue statement; – it must be a statement of fact, not mere opinion; – and it must have induced the innocent party to enter the contract.

Is misleading and deceptive conduct a crime?

False or misleading conduct can be a criminal offence, but not always. The conduct must be extremely serious it to be a criminal offence. Conduct that amounts to false or misleading conduct may include the making of incorrect statements or making statements that create a false impression to consumers.

What are some actions or conduct that can be considered to be misleading and deceptive or comprise false representation?

silence or failure to disclose. misleading conduct as to the nature of goods and services. false representation about employment and business activities. wrongly accepting payments for goods or services.

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