What is the election symbol?

Symbols are used by parties in their campaigning, and printed on ballot papers where a voter must make a mark to vote for the associated party. One of their purposes is to facilitate voting by illiterate people, who cannot read candidates’ names on ballot papers.

Who allots the symbols for the candidates who contest election?

(2) Where any free symbol has been chosen by only one candidate at such election, the returning officer shall allot that symbol to that candidate and to no one else.

What is the symbol of Kerala Congress?

Kerala Congress
Seats in Rajya Sabha 0 / 245
Seats in Kerala Legislative Assembly 2 / 140
Election symbol
Politics of India Political parties Elections

How many types of parties are there in India?

As per latest publication dated 23 September 2021 from Election Commission of India, the total number of parties registered was 2858, with 8 national parties, 54 state parties and 2797 unrecognised parties.

Is there a vote Emoji?

🗳️ Ballot Box with Ballot Emoji.

When was the first EVM used?

The EVMs were first used in 1982 in the by-election to North Paravur Assembly Constituency in Kerala for a limited number of polling stations. The EVMs were first time used on an experimental basis in selected constituencies of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi.

What is the symbol of shivsena?

Its election symbol for Maharashtra is Bow and Arrow. Uddhav Thackeray, Bal Thackeray’s son, is party leader and serves as the current Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

What is the symbol of DMK?

The party’s election symbol is the “sun rising from between two mountains”, with a black and red flag often pictured. The symbol was inspired by the leader and scriptwriter M. Karunanidhi’s 1950s play Udaya Suryan, and is intended to signify the “rising” spirit of the Dravidian people.

Who is the No 1 party in India?

BJP Bharatiya Janata Party 1 . BSP Bahujan Samaj Party 2 . CPI Communist Party of India 3 . CPM Communist Party of India (Marxist) 4 .

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