What is the ICD 10 code for spleen laceration?

Major laceration of spleen, initial encounter S36. 032A is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.

What is the ICD 10 code for grade 3 splenic laceration?

Codes S36. 031A, Moderate laceration of spleen, initial encounter, and S36. 029A, Unspecified contusion of spleen, initial encounter, were assigned to describe a grade 3 splenic laceration with contusion.

What is splenic laceration?

Splenic rupture occurs when the spleen is placed under intense pressure/duress, strong enough to tear or separate the outer lining of the organ. A ruptured spleen accounts for 10% of all abdominal injuries.

What is a Grade 1 laceration of the spleen?

Spleen trauma is graded from 1 to 5 in increasing order of severity. Grade 1 is less than 10% of surface area involved in hematoma or capsule laceration less than 1 cm. Grade 2 is hematoma 10 to 50% of surface or capsule laceration 1 to 3 cm in depth.

What is a Grade 3 spleen laceration?

Grade 3: This mid-stage rupture is a tear more than 3 cm deep. It can also involve the splenic artery or a hematoma that covers over half of the surface area. A grade 3 rupture can also mean that a hematoma is present in the organ tissue that is greater than 5 cm or expanding.

What is splenic trauma diagnosis?

Splenic injury usually results from blunt abdominal trauma. Patients often have abdominal pain, sometimes radiating to the shoulder, and tenderness. Diagnosis is made by CT or ultrasonography. Treatment is with observation and sometimes surgical repair; rarely, splenectomy is necessary.

Is a grade 2 splenic laceration moderate?

Generally, grades I and II are considered as minor injuries, grade III as a moderate injury, and grades IV and V as severe injuries (Figs. 2–6). CT scan grading sometimes underestimates the severity of the injury and superficial splenic injuries might be missed.

What is spleen injury?

A ruptured spleen is an emergency medical condition that occurs when the capsule-like covering of the spleen breaks open, pouring blood into your abdominal area. Depending on the size of the rupture, a large amount of internal bleeding can occur. Your doctor may refer to a ruptured spleen as a “splenic rupture.”

How do you get a splenic laceration?

A ruptured spleen is typically caused by a blow to the left upper abdomen or the left lower chest, such as might happen during sporting accidents, fistfights and car crashes. An injured spleen can rupture soon after the abdominal trauma or, in some cases, days or weeks after the injury.

How do you get lacerations on your spleen?

How is a lacerated spleen treated?

Some people require immediate surgery. Others heal with rest and time. Many small or moderate-sized injuries to the spleen can heal without surgery….Surgery for a ruptured spleen can include:

  1. Repairing the spleen.
  2. Removing the spleen (splenectomy).
  3. Removing part of the spleen.

How serious is a lacerated spleen?

If you have an enlarged spleen, a less forceful trauma might cause rupture. Without emergency treatment, the internal bleeding caused by a ruptured spleen can be life-threatening.