What is the initiation fee for River Oaks Country Club?

The club’s entry fee is $50,000, with monthly dues of $260.

How much is a membership at SICC?

Singapore Island Country Club (SICC)

Membership Type Transfer Fee Total + 7% GST
Local Individual $40,000 $42,800
Foreign Individual $60,000 $64,200
Local Corporate $70,000 $101,650
Foreign Corporate $100,000 $139,100

How much is Hamilton Farm club?

Initiation Fee: $300,000 Hamilton Farm Golf Club is a premiere private New Jersey club that opened in 2001. Located right in Gladstone, the course was designed by Dana Fry and Michael Hurdzan. Initiation fees have reached $300,000.

How much is the Briar Club Houston?

Founded in River Oaks area in 1949, the Briar Club is especially popular with wealthy young Inner Loop families who are part of extended families that have been members for at least two generations. The initiation fee is $35,000 and monthly dues are $400. The Houstonian.

How do you become a member of a country club?

You have to pay Rs. 6,000/- (Rupees Six Thousand Only) per annum towards the AMC. Club Membership cards will be issued to Member, Spouse and Children below 25 year age. Free stay package for 7 days & 6 nights every year in any of Country Club resorts for 5 yrs in India.

How many members does Singapore Island Country Club have?

With a membership roster made up of 8,000 of some of the biggest machers on the Malay Peninsula, the Singapore Island Country Club is one of the most prestigious private golf clubs in the city-state.

How many golf courses are there in Singapore?

Singapore has 14 private golf courses and three public golf courses, taking up 1,500ha of land, or about 2 per cent of the Republic’s total land area.

How much does White Bear Yacht Club cost?

There is also a sailing membership. Initiation fees range from $20,000 for the proprietary membership (40 and older), $10,000 for associate (under 39) and $8,000 for the lakeside membership. Monthly dues range from $960 to $374.

How much does it cost to play at Pine Valley golf club?

Golf Rates

Walking: Weekday Weekend
Adult 18 Holes $30.00 $35.00
Adult 9 Holes $25.00 $28.00
Senior 18 Holes $26.00 $31.00
Senior 9 Holes $20.00 $25.00