What is the M4 profile barrel?

The M4 barrel is lightweight under the handguards, until just before the gas port. Another profile very much like the M4 is called the “government” profile: Basically the same, but without the M4 cut. Of course, that makes it slightly heavier, but the difference is minimal.

What is a Socom barrel profile?

The SOCOM M4 profile is a mid weight profile barrel for the M4A1 Carbine. The flats milled under the handguards are for mounting of the M203. SOCOM requested the mid profile to better handle the volume of fire from their shooters. This profile is being adopted as a new standard for the M4A1 Carbine.

What are the different barrel profiles?

Profile. The profile refers to the weight of the barrel. Profiles are broken down into three basic categories: lightweight (also called pencil), government, and heavy. The heavier the barrel, the greater the resistance it provides to the buildup of heat when firing the weapon.

What does M4 feed ramps mean?

The M4 cut extends down beyond the edge of the barrel extension (has a scalloped appearance), and a correspondingly deeper cut in an M4-spec upper receiver effectively extends the ramps downward (they’re lowered). So, an M4 feed ramp includes the barrel extension and the upper.

What’s the difference between A2 and M4?

M4 And A2/Government The M4/A2 profile are the same, save for a cutout in the M4 barrel for mounting an M203 grenade launcher. The barrel narrows to 0.625 inches in diameter after the chamber, flaring to the gas block, and 0.75 inches in diameter up to the muzzle. The A2 profile was developed for the M16A2.

What is A2 style barrel profile?

At the request of the Marines the M16A2 was given a chromed bore and a heavier barrel profile forward of the gas block, mainly to minimize the chance of bending (one of the A1’s most common failures in close combat). This profile is now commonly called “A2”.

What is the difference between a heavy barrel and a Socom barrel?

The SOCOM barrel is basically an M4/A2 in reverse. The barrel is thinner past the gas block and thicker from the chamber to the gas block, and with a cutout for mounting an M203 grenade launcher.

What does M4 contour mean?

M4 contour means its slim under the handgaurd and thicker at the muzzle, litteraly the dumbest profile just about ever.

What is the best AR-15 barrel length for hunting?

If you’re looking to make accurate shots in excess of 400 meters, a barrel length of 20 inches or longer is a good way to ensure that velocity is maintained and that the bullet remains stabilized and supersonic for as long as possible.

Should you polish M4 feed ramps?

Polishing can help smooth out roughly machined feed ramps as well to improve feeding. Barrel feed ramp polishing in many cases can reduce the amount of metal shavings introduced into the receiver since rough edges and burrs will be removed in the process.