What is the metal part of a music box called?

The inside of the musical box is called the movement. Normally made of steel and where sound is being produced. Strips of protruding metal on the comb is called the teeth.

What are those large music discs called?

Collectors call these discs “acoustic” recordings. The earliest methods of sound recording are described as “acoustical” and employ only mechanical means for both recording and playback. The sounds to be preserved are directed into a large horn, which at its tapered end is connected to a cutting stylus.

What is a symphonium?

The symphonium was a small metal box with an oval mouthpiece on the front and buttons on the sides that selected which reeds were to be sounded. The illustration above shows a simple 16 key instrument, covering two diatonic octaves C to C, with an additional low note.

What is the mechanical part of a music box called?

The comb is a flat piece of metal with dozens or even hundreds of tuned teeth, or ‘reeds’, of different lengths.

How do you fix a music box that won’t wind up?

Overwound Music Box

  1. Buy the appropriate lubricant – Get an Alum-a-Lub at the nearest hardware store, or you can purchase it online.
  2. Lubricate the mechanism – Locate an entry point to access the mechanism.
  3. Unwinding – Slowly turn the key in a backward direction to unwind the mechanism spring and release the governor.

Why do we need shruti box?

In classical singing, the shruti box is used to help tune the voice. The use of the shruti box has widened with the cross-cultural influences of world music and new-age music to provide a drone for many other instruments as well as vocalists and mantra singing.

Is it easy to play a shruti box?

The M1 Shruti Box is easy and satisfying to play, requiring minimal instruction to get started. The double-sided bellows system provides good control of volume and sustain. Notes can be changed on the fly and chords made in any key.

What is a disk player Music Box?

Since the 1840’s the Disk Player Music Box has been a traditional form of musical entertainment. The Music Box Company has always carried absolutely stunning disk music boxes because of their distinct and beautiful sound.

What do we offer at music boxes?

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