What is the value of a Wurlitzer spinet piano?

What is the average Wurlitzer piano worth? You can expect to pay/sell your piano between $600 at the low end and $1500 at the high end.

Is Wurlitzer spinet a good piano?

Wurlitzer pianos are considered to be extremely durable. They featured the Wurl-On Finish which was resistant to cold, heat, dryness, and moisture. Wurlitzer pianos may not be considered to be on the same level as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or Yamaha but they are considered to be solid instruments.

How do you tell what year a Wurlitzer piano was made?

From 1954-1955 (110, 111, 112, or possibly 112A), dates were stamped into the wood at the damper’s mechanisms. The rarest 110 tends to mark on the side of its lowest hey what month and year the stamp was. The stamp for this date is likely to be marked “December 1954.

What is a Wurlitzer spinet piano?

Wurlitzer pianos in these years are in general nice instruments. Even when you compare their entry level made spinets to similar pianos, the Wurlitzer seems to stand out for having a rich sound. This spinet is a crisp, clear instrument. It has a nice well-rounded, warm sound and a wide dynamic range.

Are Wurlitzer pianos still made?

As technology evolved, Wurlitzer began producing electric pianos, electronic organs and jukeboxes, and it eventually became known more for jukeboxes and vending machines, which are still made by Wurlitzer, rather than for actual musical instruments….Wurlitzer.

Type Subsidiary
Website Wurlitzer Jukeboxes

Where is the date on a Wurlitzer piano?

A probable piano serial number and the manufacturing date die-stamped on the back of the main piano action rail in Wurlitzer Orchestra Piano, Style CX, serial number 37218, which dates from 1919, Although a bit hard to discern in this photograph, the apparent serial number reads 38401, which is a 1919 Wurlitzer date.

Did Wurlitzer make spinet pianos?

Wurlitzer is most known for their production of entry level pianos. During the 1960s, they manufactured Spinet, Console, Studio and Grand Pianos.

How is a spinet different from a piano?

Compared to a typical piano action, spinet pianos have shorter keys and they have rods that connect each key to the rest of the action. This is why they are called indirect blow actions, because you don’t have a full length key that interacts directly with the action.

What is the difference between an upright piano and a spinet?

Spinet pianos can be identified by their height. Pianos 40″ and shorter are spinets, 41″ – 44″ tall are consoles, 45″ and taller are studio uprights. The tallest studio uprights (48″+) are often called professional or upright grands.

Is Wurlitzer a good piano?

Wurlitzer pianos were never considered among the better brands. During the late 1980s, Wurlitzer grands were not made by Wurlitzer at all, but instead by Young Chang in Korea. When Baldwin bought Wurlitzer, the Young Chang contract was cancelled. Baldwin now contracts manufacture of Wurlitzers out to Samick Piano in Korea. The tone of Wurlitzer grands is not particularly pleasing or remarkable.

Is Wurlitzer a good piano brand?

Wurlitzer pianos may not be considered to be on the same level as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or Yamaha but they are considered to be solid instruments. A good middle ground between quality and value. Due to their high output during their time in the piano industry, Wurlitzer pianos are a common sight in continued use and for sale as used pianos.

Is a spinet piano good for a beginner?

Spinet pianos are cheap, small, they look like other pianos and the thought is that with just a little work, they could be good enough for a beginner. Don’t fall into this trap. A young beginner needs a piano with a good, in-tune sound for ear training. A spinet piano is a very small upright piano.

How much is a Wurlitzer electric piano worth?

The average, black, decent Wurlitzer 200A will go from $1,500 to $2,500. I bought mine for $2,500, and I probably overpaid a little bit, because it needed some work, but I wanted it. However, if you have a beige, green, or red Wurlitzer 200A on your hands, you can expect to sell that on the internet for over $2,500, if it is in decent condition.