What Middle East countries are Sunni?

At least 87% of Muslims are Sunnis. 3 They are the majority in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Shiites are the majority in Iran, Bahrain, and Iraq.

Which countries in the Middle East are Sunni or Shia?

Shias comprise a majority in Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain, and a plurality in Lebanon, while Sunnis make up the majority of more than forty countries from Morocco to Indonesia.

Where is Sunni Islam mainly located?

The majority of Muslims are Sunnis – estimates suggest the figure is somewhere between 85% and 90%. The Middle Eastern countries with the greatest proportion of Sunnis are Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, with Sunnis making up 90% or more of the population.

Is Morocco Sunni or Shia?

Unlike Iran’s Sunni-majority neighbors with sizable Shiite minorities – such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates – about 99 percent of Morocco’s population are Sunni Muslims and there is only a very small community of Shiite converts in the country.

Is Azerbaijan Sunni or Shia?

Azerbaijan’s population is mostly Shia Muslim. But its government is intensely secular. A lone shop in the centre of Baku, called simply The Muslim Shop, shows how rare the public expression of Islam is in the capital.

Which countries are Sunni Islam?

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Senior Iranian Sunni cleric says due to the division in the world of Islam, Middle East petrodollars are deposited in the western countries to fund the military

What percentage of Muslims are Sunni?

Sunni is the largest sect of Islam and is a religion that is followed by as many as 90% of the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world. People that follow this branch of Islam are known as Sunnites or Sunnis. Sunnis have different beliefs from Shi’ites, followers of Shia Islam. Sunnis believe that the first four caliphs are the successors of Muhammad, while Shi’ites believe that Ali, the son-in-law of Muhammad, and his descendants are the leaders of the Muslims.

Is Sunni the largest group within Islam?

Sunni is the largest group, making up 85% of world Islam whereas Shi’ites make up 15%. The division between Sunni and Shi’ite comes in the period immediately after Muhammad’s death and occurs over the issue of his successor as leader of the community.

How many Sunni Muslims live in America?

Still, based on our own survey and demographic research, as well as outside sources, Pew Research Center estimates that there were about 3.45 million Muslims of all ages living in the U.S. in 2017, and that Muslims made up about 1.1% of the total U.S. population.