Where can I find a Swedish Vallhund?

Where to Adopt or Buy a Swedish Vallhund

  • Swedish Vallhund Club of America.
  • Swedish Vallhund Rescue.

How much does a Swedish Vallhund puppy cost?

between $1,500 to $2,300
Swedish Vallhund Puppies Price The price for a Swedish Vallhund puppy is between $1,500 to $2,300. Depending on their pedigree and their show standard, they can cost even more. The price is largely up to the parent’s genetics and the breeder.

Are Swedish Vallhund good pets?

Are Swedish Vallhunds good pets? Swedish Vallhunds are fun, playful, and loving pets. These dogs do best in a house where they can move around and will get plenty of attention. If they receive enough time and training, your Swedish Vallhund will be a loyal companion for their entire life.

Are Swedish Vallhund rare?

While still relatively rare outside of their native Sweden, Swedish Vallhunds are beginning to gain in popularity all over the world. If you have your heart set on one, you are likely to be able to find a breeder in the United States (though perhaps not a breeder close to where you live).

How big does a Swedish Vallhund get?

Male: 12–14 inches32–34 cm
Female: 12–13 inches30–32 cm
Swedish Vallhund/Height

How much do Swedish Vallhund shed?

Yes, Swedish Vallhunds are a heavy shedding breed with a thick double coat. They shed year round but will lose more fur a couple times per year, typically during spring and fall, as they shed their undercoat. Thankfully, they’re quite easy to groom and regular brushing can keep the moulting under control.

Are Swedish vallhund hypoallergenic?

NoSwedish Vallhund / Hypoallergenic

Are Swedish Vallhunds Hypoallergenic? No, Swedish Vallhunds are not hypoallergenic. In fact, they are on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to non-allergenic breeds. Dog allergens don’t actually come from the fur, they come from the dogs dried saliva and dander, which attaches itself to the fur.

Is a Swedish vallhund a corgi?

Although the Swedish vallhund looks a lot like a Pembroke Welsh corgi or a Cardigan Welsh corgi, genetically they’re not very closely related. Instead, the breed is actually a member of the spitz family, according to the AKC.

Do Swedish Vallhund bark alot?

Swedish Vallhunds bark quite a bit, first because they have keen and watchful senses, and second, because they used sharp barks to help control livestock. This is not a good breed choice if you have close neighbors. To make matters worse, some Vallhunds have intense, high-pitched barks that can set your teeth on edge.

Are Swedish vallhund aggressive?

Swedish Vallhund Temperament and Personality He is a nice dog that enjoys meeting other people and animals. At home, the Swedish Vallhund is an alert but not aggressive watchdog.

Is a Swedish vallhund a Corgi?

Are Swedish Vallhund aggressive?