Where can I watch The Lying Game season 2?

You can stream the whole series (two seasons) for free on 9Now.

Does Ethan end up with Sutton or Emma?

His mom, like Thayer and Mads mom, left him with his father. Ethan falls in love with Sutton when she lets her guard down and does not play any Lying Games. In the finale of Season Two, he forgives Sutton for putting him through what she has put him through.

What is the secret in The Lying Game?

As Dan mourns the loss of his bride-to-be Teresa, Alec finally sees fit to fill him in on the secret that is Emma and Sutton’s twin-dom. This revelation, of course, only makes Dan feel even more betrayed by all of those in the know around him — namely, his trusted baby bro Ethan.

How many episodes are there in season 2 The Lying Game?

10The Lying Game Season 2 / Number of episodes

Where can we watch The Lying Game?

Streaming on Roku. The Lying Game, a drama series starring Alexandra Chando, Andy Buckley, and Allie Gonino is available to stream now. Watch it on The CW or Prime Video on your Roku device.

Who attacked Sutton in the car?

Sutton’s Killer (Book Character)

Sutton’s Killer Real Identity: Ethan Landry
Secret(s): Killed Sutton, Knows there are identical twins, Identity, Ran Thayer over with Sutton’s car, Knew Thayer was secretly seeing Sutton Possibly has Sutton’s body and the weapon he/she used on her, Killed Nisha
Status: Alive

Does Ethan love Emma?

Emma and Ethan have a spark and slowly develop feelings for eachother until at Homecoming Ethan kisses Emma. They begin dating but there love is put to tests with Emma not being honest about Travis, and Ethan being very upset about Sutton sleeping with Thayer.

Is there going to be a season 3 of The Lying Game?

ABC Family has canceled The Lying Game. A representative for the youth-skewing cable network confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that the teen drama starring Alexandra Chando will not return for a third season.

Why did Ethan and Emma break up lying game?

Even though they passed through their problems there’s still one major problem in their relationship. Sutton. When she returns she causes Emma and Ethan to break up near the end of the season after Ethan lied about him kissing her and Emma realizing he will always have something for her.

Who killed Sutton Mercer?

Ethan Landry
Ethan Landry is the murderer of Sutton Mercer and Nisha Banerjee. It is revealed that he was so in love with Sutton that he would do anything for her such as trying to find her birth mother. He killed her out of rejection.

Who are Emma and Sutton parents?

Ted is the biological father of Sutton, Emma, and Laurel. He had an affair with Rebecca seventeen years prior to the series, resulting in the conception of Sutton and Emma. Helen Slater as Kristin Mercer. Kristin is the adoptive mother of Sutton and the biological mother of Laurel.