Where is Dr Galvani safe code?

Doctor Galvani’s safe in the laboratory room of his new apartment near Dunwall Tower. The code can be found by collecting the Sokolov painting from the wall. The safe can be found in the third floor of the Overseer Outpost in the Campo Seta Dockyards.

How do you open the safe in the safe shop in Dishonored 2?

Get inside and find a painting on the wall you can remove. On the back is the safe combination. Find the safe nearby and crack it open. The code should be 451.

How do you open the safes in the vault dishonored?

To open the safe, you will need an audiograph of Release Thy Golden Locks, Gloriana which is found in the secure area on the second floor of Yun’s house. The floor is electrified, so you will need to disable it before you attempt to access the display case that contains the audiograph.

Where is the Galvani pantry key?

The Galvani Pantry Key is found hanging on a hook, just outside the pantry in Dr. Galvani’s Offices. It opens the pantry door, releasing a swarm of rats.

How do you open the safe in the Grand Palace?

The Grand Palace Grab the key from his register, and go up the opposite boulevard to the building right next to the Wall of Light. The safe in his apartment has a large clue nearby – a picture of him standing next to it reveals the combination in the photo: 1 – 2 – 3.

How do you open the safe in the overseer’s office?

Overseer’s Office Safe Combination – Dishonored 2 The Overseer’s office safe combination can be found in Chapter 2 on the same floor as the safe itself. All you need to do is make your way over to the dark room with what looks like a large white projection screen up on the wall.

Where is Dr Galvani Sniper Elite 4?

To find Galvani go down the right side of the balcony to the end and UP the stairs. He is in the first office at the top corridor. You can find him before music box.

Who is Galvani Dishonored 2?

Doctor Luigi Galvani is an unseen character mentioned in Dishonored, Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider. A supporter of Empress Emily Kaldwin since her mother’s time, Galvani is a natural philosopher interested in animal biology and studying the rat plague.

What is the code for the safe in the Overseers office?

The combination 451 is scrawled in the frame of the painting that can be seen once it is stolen.