Which trains are running from Ferozepur?

Firozpur Cant Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Firozpur Cant Arrives S
Ajmer Asr Express (19611) 07:55 Y
Punjab Mail (12137) 05:50 Y
Adi Svdk Express (19415) 18:45 N
Svdk Adi Express (19416) 22:30 N

How many stations are there in Firozpur division?

235 stations
The Division, with a route kilometerage of 1550 including 164 kms of narrow gauge and 235 stations caters to the Rail Transport needs of Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and a part of Himachal Pradesh.

How many stations are there in Moradabad division?

There are 207 stations including 150 block stations. Approximately two lakhs passengers are booked daily from stations of the Division. The division caters to important religious and industrial centres of both the states.

How many platforms are there in Dhanbad Junction?

It is the largest railway station in Jharkhand, handling over 100 trains and 20000 passengers every day….Dhanbad Junction railway station.

Dhanbad Junction
Line(s) Asansol–Gaya section of Grand Chord, Howrah–Gaya–Delhi line, Howrah–Allahabad–Mumbai line, Dhanbad- Singrauli line, Dhanbad–Bhojudih–Adra Line
Platforms 1–8 & 1A
Tracks 12

Who is GM of Northern Railway?

Shri Ashutosh Gangal
Shri Ashutosh Gangal has taken over the charge of General Manager, Northern Railway today i.e. on 28.10. 2020.

How many railway stations are there in Delhi division?

213 stations
Routes and stations network Delhi Division has a route length of 1,386.82 km (861.73 mi) with 213 stations.

Who is DRM of Northern Railway?

NEW DELHI: Arun Arora has been named divisional railways manager (DRM), Delhi division of Northern Railway.

What is Ferozepur postcode?

Firozpur/Zip codes