Who are the models in the Pink Floyd poster?

Commissioned to celebrate Pink Floyds back catalog, this infamous photo features six Pink Floyd album covers, painted by artist Phyllis Cohen onto the backs of models Pauline Swain, Julia Ashbury, Jackie St. Clair, Mandy Lomax, Jo Caine, and Kimberley Cowell.

Who designed Pink Floyd covers?

Storm Thorgerson
Pink Floyd | The Official Site. Designer and film-maker Storm Thorgerson grew up in Cambridge and was an early friend of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and David Gilmour, all from Pink Floyd, for whom he designed many album covers, including the iconic sleeve for The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Who painted the Pink Floyd album covers?

Perhaps Thorgerson’s most famous designs are those for Pink Floyd. His design for The Dark Side of the Moon has been called one of the greatest album covers of all time. Designed by Thorgerson and Hipgnosis, the artwork for the cover itself was drawn by George Hardie, a designer at NTA Studios.

What albums Pink Floyd back Catalogue poster?

From left to right, the albums are: ‘Atom Heart Mother’, ‘Relics’, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘The Wall’ and ‘Animals’.

What is the meaning of back Catalogue?

: a collection of less recent works produced by a particular artist or group or owned by a particular company If you’ve missed this remarkable guitarist or just want to own some of his back catalog on CD, Echoes is a flawlessly compiled record of a decade’s worth of music.—

Who designed dark side of Moon cover?

Storm Thorgerson: How I Designed the Cover of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

What is the meaning behind the Dark Side of the Moon album cover?

The design actually represents three elements related to the band – Pink Floyd’s stage lighting, the lyrics on the album and the request for something with a simple and bold design. Waters was who came up with the idea of extending the spectrum of light from the prism through to the album gatefold.

What does selling your back Catalogue mean?

‘ A back catalogue means you have ideas that you share today, but also a track record that shows you’re someone who keeps, and has kept on giving. It means you never become irrelevant by choosing to rest on what you produced in the past.

Who has covered Comfortably Numb?

Scissor Sisters
The song was covered by Scissor Sisters with a radically different arrangement, which was a UK top ten hit….Comfortably Numb.

“Comfortably Numb”
Songwriter(s) David Gilmour Roger Waters
Producer(s) Bob Ezrin David Gilmour James Guthrie Roger Waters
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