Who is the first X Division champion?

A.J. Styles
The inaugural champion was A.J. Styles, who won the championship by defeating Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, and Psicosis in a Four Way Double Elimination match on June 19, 2002 at TNA’s second weekly PPV event. At 301 days, Austin Aries’ first reign holds the record for longest in the title’s history.

What is the meaning of X Division?

The X Division is a high-flying, high-risk, fast-paced style of professional wrestling seen in Impact Wrestling (formerly Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) and since then in various NWA member promotions.

Who was X in TNA Wrestling?

But more than a decade before that, PCO showed up in TNA as X, a masked wrestler who competed in the X Division despite being gigantic compared to Chris Sabin and Low Ki.

Is the X Division a cruiserweight?

There is no upper weight limit on the X Division or its title, though in practice, most of the wrestlers in this division have been cruiserweights, with Sonny Siaki, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle, being notable exceptions.

What happened global force wrestling?

In April 2017, Karen Jarrett announced that GFW and Impact Wrestling had merged, adopting GFW as the company name, though behind the scenes, the merger was never completed officially. The Impact TV show was renamed to GFW Impact and all the GFW and Impact Titles were merged.

Who owned NWA wrestling?

National Wrestling Alliance

Trade name NWA
Key people Billy Corgan (President) Pat Kenney (Director of Talent Relations) Billy Trask (Director of Television)
Products Television Merchandise Home video Live events
Services Licensing
Owner Lightning One, Inc.

Is Tyrus the NWA Champion?

The NWA World Television Championship is a world television championship owned and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). The current champion is Tyrus who is in his first reign….

NWA World Television Championship
Current champion(s) Tyrus
Date won June 7, 2021

Does Jeff Jarrett still own GFW?

Impact Wrestling’s rebranding was officially over on October 23, when Impact announced that its business partnership with Jeff Jarrett and GFW was terminated. The deal for Anthem to acquire GFW was never completed and Jeff Jarrett continues to own the rights to GFW.

Why Tyrus carries his belt?

The heat began with Pope targeting Tyrus’s legs. Whenever The Funkasaurus would build any type of momentum, Pope would be right there to knock him down to his legs. However, after a ton of peripatetic moments, Tyrus ultimately was able to secure the victory, giving him his first major championship in a promotion.