Who is the most influential person in your life answer?

The most influential person in my life is my mom because she never gave up on me and went through a lot to make sure I had everything I needed in life. on me. She sacrificed her youth life to raise me. She always wanted the best for me.

Who has the most influence in your life?

My parents have been two of the biggest influences, but my travel softball coach, Glen Warholic, has been a unique influence in my life. He taught me a lot of great lessons about softball and life. He always told me I needed to work hard in school and be a good person in addition to working hard at softball.

How can I stop influence others?

Here are the top 5 habits to avoid if you don’t want to be easily influenced.Communicate assertively. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts directly and clearly when you need to. Stop looking for approval. Avoid being insincere. Avoid being defensive. Stop making excuses.

What can influence a person?

Let’s take a quick look over these major elements that imprints a person’s behavior inside and outside of the organization.Abilities. Abilities are the traits a person learns from the environment around as well as the traits a person is gifted with by birth. Gender. Race & Culture. Perception. Attribution. Attitude.

How we can influence others?

Leaders who know how to influence others are strategic in their communication style and messaging. They know they need a strategy for what they’re doing and a strategy for communicating. To influence others, you’ve got to know when to give and when to demand, when to talk and when to deeply listen.

How do you gain influence?

7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your InfluenceConnect with people emotionally. Van Edwards says she has discovered that if you want to intrigue and influence people, you have to get their dopamine pumping. Be emotionally curious. Use high-powered body language. Tell a story. Be vulnerable. Ask a favor. Become charismatic.

What are the six sources of influence?

Six Sources of Influence1.) Personal Motivation. 2.) Personal Ability. 3. ) Social Motivation. 4.) Social Ability. 5.) Structural Motivation. 6.Structural Ability. The final source of influence moves away improving personal mastery and social capital and focuses on the environment.

How can I improve my influencing skills?

10 ways to develop your influencing skillsRead good books. Thrive for excellence. Be open-minded. Appreciate others. Be observant. Confidence is a must. Be a good listener. Know thyself.