Who is the singer in Hey Violet?

Rena Lovelis
Nia LovelisJulia PierceMiranda MillerCasey Moreta
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Who left Hey Violet?

US pop punk group Hey Violet have confirmed the departure of bassist Iain Shipp after he was accused of sexual assault by two women. Shipp, who joined the band in 2016, has denied allegations from two ex-girlfriends who allege that he admitted to raping a woman in the past.

How old are the Hey Violet members?

Members of the band are between 18 and 21, with Rena the youngest and joining the group after just starting middle school. Rena took over the lead singer position in 2013 after the departure of former lead vocalist Julia Pierce.

What type of music is Hey Violet?

Electronic dance music
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Is Hey Violet a real band?

Hey Violet is an American pop rock band from Los Angeles, California, consisting of Rena Lovelis (lead vocals, bass), Nia Lovelis (drums, percussion, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals) and Casey Moreta (lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals).

Why did Julia Pierce leave Hey Violet?

When asked the reasoning behind Pierce’s departure, Miranda Miller commented on her Tumblr that it was due to “creative differences”, and that “we went our separate ways because we wanted to go in one direction and she wanted to go in another.” However, after Pierce’s departure was announced she took to her own …

Who are Hey Violet signed to?

Hi Or Hey Records
Hollywood RecordsCapitol Records
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2015–2018: Rebranding as Hey Violet and From the Outside On March 24, it was confirmed that they would be signed to Hi or Hey Records, 5 Seconds of Summer’s partnership of Capitol Records. On June 15, Hey Violet announced that they would be releasing their first EP I Can Feel It in July.

Is Hey Violet Cherri Bomb?

They later signed to Hi or Hey Records, founded by 5 Seconds of Summer, whom they supported on the Rock Out with Your Socks Out and Sounds Live Feels Live tours….

Hey Violet
Also known as Cherri Bomb (2008–2015)
Origin Los Angeles, California, U.S.