Who owns the original 1955 Lincoln Futura?

customizer George Barris
Many years later, the Lincoln Futura was sold to car customizer George Barris who was affiliated with Ford at the time. Despite the original cost of $250,000, Ford Motor Company sold the Lincoln Futura to Barris for one dollar.

What motor was in the Lincoln Futura?

The Lincoln Futura, designed by William M. Schmidt, was a sensation at 1955 auto shows. The concept car boasted push-button transmission controls, a 300-horsepower V-8 engine, and a double-dome canopy roof.

What year was the Lincoln Futura made?

The Futura did not come cheap, in 1955 the project cost $250,000, which by conservative estimates is $2,300,000 in modern money. The car’s debut came at the Chicago Auto Show in 1955 and blew the minds of many who saw it.

How much did the Gotham garage concept car go for?

The auction started from $100,000 and topped out at $195,000.

What happened to the original Futura?

Despite the car’s original cost of $250,000, the Lincoln Futura was sold to Barris for $1.00 by Ford Motor Company. As the car was never titled and was therefore uninsurable, it was parked behind Barris’ North Hollywood shop where it sat idle for several years and was allowed to deteriorate.

What is the difference between a Ford Falcon and a Ford Futura?

In the early Falcons, the Futura was the top-of-the line model. It had nicer upholstery, and a bit more chrome. It also probably came with a bit more equipment, such as courtesy lights and such. I learned to drive in a ’63 Falcon Futura 4-door sedan.

Does Constance work at Gotham garage?

Apart from having worked at the service department of top car manufacturers, Nunes also builds cars for specialty shops. Viewers of the show know that Nunes builds for Gotham Garage, but most are unaware that she works with southern California brands such as CARS Etc, Classics and Charlie’s Corvettes.