Who were guest stars on Glee?

Broadway star John Lloyd Young guest-starred as Henri St. Pierre, a woodshop teacher.

  • Tyra Banks.
  • Neil Patrick Harris.
  • Demi Lovato.
  • Britney Spears.
  • Finneas O’Connell.

What episode of Glee has single ladies?

“Preggers” is the fourth episode of the American television series Glee….Preggers.

Episode no. Season 1 Episode 4
Directed by Brad Falchuk
Written by Brad Falchuk
Featured music “Taking Chances” “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” “Tonight”

Who is the blonde girl in Glee?

Brittany Susan Pierce is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. The character is portrayed by actress Heather Morris, and first appeared in the show’s second episode, “Showmance”. Brittany was developed by Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan.

Who was Kristin Chenoweth in Glee?

April Rhodes
Later that year, Chenoweth began a recurring role as April Rhodes in Glee, singing several songs, earning enthusiastic notices. The character is a former member of the glee club who never finished high school and ended up hitting rock bottom.

Who is the most famous person from Glee?

And in a show as vibrant and over-the-top as Glee, their characters were everything but boring.

  1. 1 Big Break: Darren Criss.
  2. 2 Guest Starred: Neil Patrick Harris.
  3. 3 Big Break: Amber Riley.
  4. 4 Guest Starred: Gwyneth Paltrow.
  5. 5 Big Break: Melissa Benoist.
  6. 6 Guest Starred: Kristin Chenoweth.
  7. 7 Big Break: Grant Gustin.

Is Lindsay Lohan in Glee?

Lindsay Lohan scenes on Glee in the episode “Nationals”, Lindsay played a Judge. The episode is part of the third season, episode twenty-first.

Who is number 22 in glee?


Prior Time Season 2
Episode 22
Azimio Adams Active Active
David Karofsky Active
Sam Evans Active

What season of Glee is the episode preggers?

Season One, Episode Four Preggers is the fourth episode of Glee’s first season, and the fourth episode overall. It premiered on September 23, 2009. Kurt takes center stage when he tries out for the football team in order to impress his dad.

Who are some special guest stars on Glee?

List of Special Guest Stars on Glee Actor/Actress Character Number of Episodes Barry Bostwick Tim Stanwick 1 The Rocky Horror Glee Show Billy Dee Williams Andy Collins 1 Old Dog, New Tricks Brian Stokes Mitchell LeRoy Berry 3 Heart, On My Way, Loser Like Me Britney Spears Herself 1 Britney/Brittany

Who guest starred on’Glee’in 2019?

The hit FOX show “Glee” turns 10 on May 19, 2019. In celebration of the milestone, Wonderwall.com is taking a look back at all the Hollywood celebs who guest starred on the beloved old series, starting with Demi Lovato. The pop singer played Dani, Santana’s co-worker and friend who was a recurring character during the show’s fifth season.

Is Dorothy from Glee still married?

Dot-Marie Jones was born on January 4, 1964 in Turlock, California, USA as Dorothy Marie Jones. She is an actress and producer, known for The Boondock Saints (1999), Glee (2009) and Rag Doll (2019). She has been married to Bridgett Casteen since December 21, 2013.

Can I add someone who is not credited as a guest star?

Please do not add anyone who wasn’t credited as ‘Special Guest Star’ or ‘Special Appearance’. Only appeared in the That’s So Rachel pilot. Had a scene in Special Education which was deleted.