Why is it called stollen bread?

What is “Stollen”? Stollen is a cake like yeast bread that usually has candied fruit, currants, orange and lemon zest, spice and cardamom spices for flavoring. The most common Stollen is Dresdener Stollen from the city of Dresden, Germany. The word Stollen, was a word for a post or boundary stone for a city.

What does stollen bread mean in German?

Stollen (German pronunciation: [ˈʃtɔlən] ( listen) or [ʃtɔln] ( listen)) is a fruit bread of nuts, spices, and dried or candied fruit, coated with powdered sugar or icing sugar and often containing marzipan.

What is the word stollen mean?

sweet yeast bread
Definition of stollen : a sweet yeast bread of German origin containing fruit and nuts.

What country is stollen bread from?

Article content. Christmas stollen, known in Germany as Christollen, is a rich, dense, sweet bread filled with dried fruit, candied citrus peel, marzipan or almond paste, and nuts. It hails from the city of Dresden, Germany, where it was first produced in the late 1500s.

Who invented stollen bread?

The History of Stollen Bread Stollen or Christstollen is a tradition dating back to 14th century Germany. Germans baked stollen loaves at Christmas to honor princes and church dignitaries, and to sell at fairs and festivals for holiday celebrations.

Why do we eat stollen at Christmas?

The shape of Stollen– this fold-over dough with a white top layer– is symbolic of baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths. It started as a fasting cake made during Advent when people couldn’t use butter, milk, or fruits (due to fasting rules) so it started as a very plain bread.

What is an Italian panettone?

Pronounced “pah-net-taw-nee,” Panettone is an Italian yeast-leavened bread, usually made with raisins, candied fruit peels, almonds, and brandy.

What is Christmas stolen?

Christmas stollen, known in Germany as Christstollen, is a yeast bread that is baked with dried fruits, candied citrus peel, nuts and spices.

How do you make stollen bread?


  1. In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water.
  2. Turn onto a floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic, about 6-8 minutes.
  3. Punch dough down and divide in half; cover and let rest for 10 minutes.
  4. Bake at 375° for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.

Is it stolen or stollen?

The word stolen is derived from the Old English word stelan, which means to take something that does not belong to you. Stollen is a German yeast bread that contains fruit and nuts. The word stollen is borrowed from the German, and in German the “s” is pronounced with a “sh” sound.

What is stollen bread made of?

I grew up in southern Germany and celebrating the Christmas season without homemade Stollen was simply unthinkable. Christmas stollen, known in Germany as Christstollen, is a yeast bread that is baked with dried fruits, candied citrus peel, nuts and spices.

What is the Italian Christmas cake called?

Share. Pandoro, is a classic Italian Christmas Recipe, a simple and soft sweet bread that is almost cake like. Originated in Verona this delicious cake makes the perfect breakfast or even dessert idea throughout the Holiday Season.