Why was Southside High closed?

It was later revealed that Southside High was closed down to make way for Hiram’s private, for-profit prison, Lodge Detention Center, that would be build on the bones of the school.

Are Fort Smith schools open?

No delays or closings.

How many students are in Fort Smith Public Schools?


Total Students: 14,361
Classroom Teachers (FTE): 1,033.76
Student/Teacher Ratio: 13.89

Is Stonewall Prep in Riverdale?

Stonewall Prep is loosely based on the Pembrooke Academy from the Archie Comics, the boarding school attended by Jason and Cheryl Blossom in the comics. In Riverdale, The Pembrooke is a luxurious apartment building.

Is Fort Smith Public Schools closed today?

No active Closings & Delays. When there are active school closings, you can find the most up-to-date list of closings & delays here.

What school district am I Fort Smith AR?

Fort Smith School District
Fort Smith School District School District in Fort Smith, AR.

Does Jughead get expelled from Stonewall?

Chipping or forced him to commit suicide through blackmail, especially after it came to light that they’d all done a “writing exercise” in which they wrote suicide notes for their late teacher. Jughead was investigating Mr. Chipping’s death when he was expelled from Stonewall on false charges of plagiarism.

What school did Jughead go to?

Jughead (shortened to Jug or Juggie) is the best friend of vocalist/guitarist Archie Andrews. Jughead is a smart, sharp-tongued, laid-back, and eccentric high school student….

Jughead Jones
Hometown Riverdale
School Riverdale High School
In-universe information

Why do the Ghoulies hate the serpents?

Toni questions why would the Ghoulies risk a war with the Serpents by torching Pop’s and the Wyrm, thus destroying her place of business. He explains that the Serpents are a joke and non-factors who have resorted to driving trucks and having babies, thus making them soft.