Why would you want to visit Chile?

Chile is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Within the country, one can find a diverse variety of landscapes including vineyards, volcanoes, deserts, beaches, lakes, glaciers and forests. Nature, culture, food and people just are few of the reasons to visit Chile.

Why is the Atacama Desert important?

1. The Atacama Desert sits between the Andes and Chilean Coast Range at such a height that prevents moisture reaching it from the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. It receives less than 1mm of rainfall per year and some parts of the desert have no recorded rainfall at all. The desert is also famous for mining copper.

Is it safe to self drive in Chile?

The conditions are generally excellent, particularly in Chile. Most of the roads are tarmacked and very wide, with good signage and little or no traffic.

What is the desert called in Chile?

Atacama Desert

When should I go to Atacama Desert?

September to November and March to May / shoulder season The months from September to November and March to May are considered shoulder season for visiting the Atacama Desert. These seasons are best to take advantage of pleasant temperatures and desert atmosphere.

Where should I stay in the Atacama Desert?

Stay in Atacama Desert’s best hotels!Hotel Desertica. Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. Hotel Pascual Andino. Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa. Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. Hotel Casa Algarrobo. Hotel La Casa de Don Tomás. Hotel Corvatsch. Hard Road Atacama. Hoteles Pueblo de Tierra.

Is the Atacama desert worth seeing?

However, the Atacama is a fantastic place and well worth your time (and money). When we planned our trip to South America last year we weren’t going to include the Atacama Desert as we don’t like heat, but decided that we probably ought to as we were so ‘close’ in Santiago.

What can you do in the Atacama Desert?

Things to do in San Pedro de AtacamaLos Flamencos National Reserve. Sunset at the Valley of the Moon. Photographic tour of the Tara Salt Flat. The Atacama Salt Flat, Chile’s largest. Live the experience of floating in Cejar Lagoon and the Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache.Piedras Rojas, the desert’s red treasure. Toconao, Socaire, Camar and Machuca.

How do you explore the Atacama Desert?

The most common route to San Pedro de Atacama is by flying to El Loa Airport in Calama, Chile, about 60 miles away. From Calama it’s easy to take a bus to San Pedro. Direct bus lines from Santiago to San Pedro de Atacama are also available, though the trip takes around 20 hours.

What do you wear to the Atacama Desert?

I would recommend lightweight pants or shorts for your days in the Atacama (jean pants if you will be horseback riding) and lightweight long sleeve shirts for the days to protect your skin from the sun. For layering, I recommend a fleece and windbreaker as well.

What is the driest desert on Earth?


Are there snakes in the Atacama Desert?

A geography reminder to many that Chile is not a tropical country and is relatively isolated by the driest desert in the world to the north, the Atacama, and the Andes to the east, and the Pacific to the west so large venomous snakes like those found in the Amazon are not here. …

What is the most dangerous animal in Chile?

Chilean recluse spiderSpecies:L. laetaBinomial nameLoxosceles laeta (Nicolet, 1849)Synonyms11

What dangerous animals live in Chile?

The only dangerous insects and spiders are vinchucas (kissing bugs) and arañas de rincón (Chilean recluse spiders), usually found in old houses and undisturbed areas.

Are there alligators in Chile?

The other animals that you can’t see in Chile are raccoons. Now, when we look at a wider spectrum and we consider animals across the United States that we don’t have in Chile, the list becomes much, much larger. Just to name a few we have: moose, bison, coyotes, buffalo and alligators.

Are there poisonous snakes in Chile?

There are hardly any aggressive or even dangerous animals in Chile. There are no poisonous snakes, but there are a few small animals that are more likely to require some precautions.

What is Chile’s national animal?


What animals live in Chile?

Animals that can be found in Chile’s diverse landscapes include guanacos, vicunas, alpacas, armadillos, foxes, opossums, pudu (deer) and Patagonian pumas. The national animal of Chile is the North Andean huemul or taruca.

What language is spoken in Chile?


Are there bears in Chile?

Spectacled Bears (Tremarctos ornatus) also known as the ‘Andean Bears’ are distributed in the Northern Andes Mountains including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and into Chile. The Spectacled Bear is the only living bear species native to South America.