Will there ever be a medieval 3 Total War?

Yes. This 2017 expansion was the first DLC released since 2014 and came about because Creative Assembly realised Rome II had more players in a day than every other historical Total War combined (at the time). … Overall, it’s a very good campaign that differs enough from other Rome II experiences.

Will there be a new Medieval Total War?

Total War: Medieval 2 is set for release on April 7, 2022. It brings with it some nice adjustments to make it easier to use with touch controls.

Is Total War Medieval 2 still good?

While Medieval succeeds at being a worthy successor and improving upon Rome it doesn’t go so far as to succeed at being the game of politics and diplomacy it seems to hint at wanting to be. Unlike Crusader Kings 2, It’s not good at being a simulation of a medieval world but it is still a great Total War game.

Is Medieval 2 Total War Getting remastered?

The game is legendary and has a huge number of fans. This is a classic The game will be remastered by Feral Interactive and released for Android and iOS almost. Unlike other games of that time, Total War: Medieval 2 has a full 3D look with very nice graphics.

Does Medieval 2 hold up?

Conclusion. Medieval 2 continued the upward trend in terms of the quality of the Total War series. It is the last Total War for many things and is considered the last of the “Old Total War” games.

When was Rome Total War released?

September 22, 2004Rome: Total War / Initial release date

And with the improvement in Graphics, We’re just waiting for Total War to count to 3 with Medieval 3 Total War. What is your medieval 3 wishlist? Prehaps someday Total War will listen to our ideas. Supposedly, CA said they would never make a ‘3’ of any of their total war series.

Would you like to see a medieval game with 3k mechanics?

In every 3K announcement since the beginning people have been posting variations of that sentiment. Heck there are youtube channels dedicated to bashing this game primarily because of the setting. Yes, a medieval game with the 3K mechanics would be great. I am rather looking forwards to it myself.

Could mtw3’s Theater of the Mediterranean be the next historical game?

MTW3’s theater of the Mediterranean world can fit in as one of these games. I agree with that the next historical title could be awesome in the Medieval setting.